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  1. C

    Hunters & Heels #9 The McDermott Residence, the lady of the house speaking...

    New thread! Top votes went to @JodieGreen123
  2. houseofhoop

    Hunters & Heels #8 Old McDermott had a press stay, aff-ad-aff-ad-o

    Well done @CBS1 you got the most votes! Carry on tattling here
  3. Aunt Lydia

    Hunters & Heels #7 Rented cottage & gurns galore. Sickly recipes & poses by the door.

    Thread No. 7 for our Lauren! Carry on here. 👇🏼 So Spring has sprung and Lauren is raring to go, posting sickly quotes and sending Easter Bunny letters to the boys, including teenager Archie! Declaring he smells like fluffy socks and lemonade. The poor boy must be ridiculed at school because...
  4. M

    Hunters & Heels #6 Buy Lauren McDermott

    So we are here at thread number 6! Name inspired by @Clare, thank you! Recently: - Lauren has had a BB code and so shilled some more makeup to her fans - Col caught Covid but is recovering (great news!) - Occasionally a new tattler comes along and gets to find out Col and Lauren both cheated...
  5. D

    Hunters and Heels #5 there's a spelling mistake, surely it should be buy Lauren McDermott

    Here we go. Had to amend title slightly as it wouldn't fit.
  6. houseofhoop

    Hunters and Heels #4 the ultimate ad bore, keeps it a secret she was married before

    New thread title thanks to @Gemgemgemgem ...I think! Shortened slightly to fit in!
  7. D

    Hunters & Heels #3 white floaty dresses and (empty) baguettes tied up with string

    New thread! Not sure I’ve done this correctly and I couldn’t fit the whole (brilliant) most liked title in, sorry. Does the old thread need to be closed or summat?
  8. H

    Hunters & Heels #2

    Thread #2 and no name as it took over a year to fill the first one View last thread
  9. M

    Hunters & Heels

    What do we think of those “influencers” who use #ad but make it so small and hide it behind their profile picture in stories so it’s invisible to those watching. I guess they can plead it was a “boob” if challenged. We know better.