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Grace Victory is a social media influencer and youtuber. She was admitted to hospital during the covid-19 pandemic and her baby induced premature while she was placed into a medically induced coma.
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  1. E

    Grace Victory #9 The Girl Who Lived (on the sofa)

    Thanks to @Simba88 for the thread suggestion. - Grace is now a mother of 2 after having the birth only she deserved - Cyprus is still locked in his cage, sorry play pen when he’s not being looked after by her mum or sister - Lee is still yet to propose - Grace still lets us know when she’s on...
  2. snapdrag0n

    Grace Victory #8 Has the entire village raise her child, while she sits on the couch waiting takeaway

    Well done to @Hereforthehottea on your thread title win! Had to trim slightly to fit, should’ve been: Has the entire village raise her child, while she sits on the couch waiting for the latest takeaway she’s dialled. Old thread...
  3. snapdrag0n

    Grace Victory #7 Gracey Potter, the girl who lived

    Well done to @Ellen19 for this one! Sorry the emoji didn’t work in the title but would’ve been this- Gracey Potter - The Girl Who Lived :rolleyes: Old thread:
  4. snapdrag0n

    Grace Victory #6 Grand risings, BMI is rising

    New thread. Could someone do a TLDR? Ta :) Arranged thread by most liked, @Whiterabbitsally well done for most liked title suggestion!!
  5. Discolights

    Grace Victory #5 the girl who lived thanks to the NHS, but won’t give them credit

    New title thanks to @Lanavalentine!
  6. OliviaPope

    Grace Victory #4

    New thread.
  7. Lanavalentine

    Grace Victory #3

    Thanks @Hereforthehottea for the thread title! So, a little recap. Grace is pregnant, possibly the first ever woman to carry a child. She and her wannabe ASOS model boyfriend Lee are expecting a baby boy. There are many bump shots which seem to not be a baby bump, just a large obese belly...
  8. Lanavalentine

    Grace Victory #2 spiritual quack with the shortest bum crack

    Decided to make a new thread (my first ever!) to continue the discussion. I did check likes and my thread suggestion had the most, I’m not that arrogant 😄 So, discussion continues... Is Grace pregnant? She’s been following various bump-related Instagram accounts and hashtags, and has been...
  9. GossWhore

    Grace Victory - UglyFaceOfTheSingleLife

    Grace is back being single, back in NYC, back being naked..................basically: back on her bullsht