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  1. Rach88

    Geordie Shore #3

    New thread as last one got full Continue 😊 Link to previous thread
  2. D

    Geordie Shore reunion 2022

    Okay people, who watched it and what did we think to the first episode? I hated the whole set up of ‘we are meeting up and I’m going to put the idea to everyone of a reunion’ as if they didn’t already know and everyone hadn’t already signed on the dotted line. So contrived. I will keep...
  3. whatstheteab

    Geordie Shore #2

    New thread!
  4. Eyeofthetiger

    Talia Oatway & Aaron Chalmers #2 traps him with babies galore, bet he wishes he was on GS

    New thread, title goes to @Shamelesshorse Talia’s trapping Aaron with babies galore, bet he wishes he could run back to Geordie Shore. She had her baby early by emergency section and Aaron has been ‘Amazing’ just being a normal dad instead of spending all his time away at fight camp. 1...
  5. Kindred_

    Marnie Simpson #2

    Mother of the year award goes to........ 🥁 Not Marnie Simpson.
  6. S

    Talia Oatway & Aaron Chalmers (Geordie Shore)

    I’ve had to unfollow him and his girlfriend talia on Instagram. Constantly Ads Dull as dishwater. Didn’t they split up recently?
  7. Mercedes12

    Abbie Holborn - Geordie Shore

    Thoughts? I really can’t stand her 😂😂
  8. R

    gazgshore & emma_jane1392

    I hope everything’s okay with Primrose... they’re both very quiet!
  9. D

    Marnie Simpson

    Another thread for another Geordie Shore girl but I needed to discuss how disgusted I am that she sold pictures of her baby to a magazine. I've also ended up reporting her to the FCA for the constant adverts for trading scams but I don't think they're gonna do anything about it.
  10. C

    Chloe Ferry

    First of all, didn’t know if she is actually classed as a celeb lol. But what does everyone think of her?
  11. H

    Geordie Shore

    Does anyone follow the Geordie shore girls? Do you think they all look so different I didn’t even realise it was Holly’s Instagram until I saw a side by side 😳 surely they will stop now? That much surgery cannot be good for your health 😞