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A football player or footballer is a sport person who plays one of the different types of football. The main types of football are association football, American football, Canadian football, Australian rules football, Gaelic football, rugby league and rugby union.
It has been estimated that there are 250 million association football players in the world, and many play the other forms of football.

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  1. HaloGirl

    Footballers And Wags #30

    Wedding/ engagement season is upon us. Harry and Fern tomorrow, Megan and Jordan soon? Ben White proposed in #29. Mane left Liverpool. Haaland signed for Man City. So too did Kalvin Phillips. Holiday season too - Jack Grealish was spotted with “company” in Vegas. Cesc and Lionel with Daniela and...
  2. HaloGirl

    Footballers And Wags #29

    City won the title. Real Madrid won the CL. Liverpool fans faced tear gas in France before the game. Kurt Zouma got 180 community hours for kicking his poor Kat. Storie was the newest addition to the Footballer family (Luke Shaw and Anouska). Marcus Rashford got engaged to Lucia. We chatted in...
  3. Rosa34

    Footballers And Wags #28

    Well… quick recap: •wagatha Christie rumbles on while Phil Mitchell (Wayne lol) and Jamie vardy watch on.. who will win? All remains to be seen •city have got haaland (the insta influencers are currently moving to Manchester as we speak.) •the league is more or less wrapped up (congrats city...
  4. Rosa34

    Footballers And Wags #27

    So there’s not much to recap on at all but.. • Kyle walkers wife got herself into a bit of a scandal last week • Sean Dyche has just been sacked from Burnley • We’re nearing the end of the PL and the CL so things are heating up Hopefully we’ll have more gossip as the summer nears closer. That’s...
  5. Rosa34

    Footballers And Wags #26

    Well.. where do we start • man United are in a crisis (what’s new there) • not much to write home about in terms of wags lately ( could change lol) • Roy Keane is too funny for words and that’s pretty much all I can think of at this time. Also, we’re all praying for the people of Ukraine and...
  6. HaloGirl

    Footballers and WAGS #25

    After the latest shocking developments over the last few days here comes #25. Will this be a turning point in football? Please continue here.
  7. Red hair dont care

    Footballers and WAGS #24

    Well, football has just been a little annoying with the amount of cancellations because of injuries and covid so here's hoping it's gets better. Onwards we go 😀
  8. Rosa34

    Footballers and Wags #23

    so tiny recap: most (all nearly wags) are antivax and lunatics. It’s New Year’s Day (who would believe it) The premier league is heating up (mostly for city) Noel Edmonds Is releasing a jewellery collection (which no one will buy) Transfer window is now open As you were…
  9. Red hair dont care

    Footballers and Wags #22

    So here we go again new thread for us to discuss Footballers and WAGS some are completely fucking dumb - ON 👋 hi if ya reading 😂
  10. Red hair dont care

    Footballers and Wags #21

    So here we go, sort of recap Can only start with the 1 and only Jack Grealish. In a love triangle or square as his sweetheart Sasha, Emily and possibly Amber. Massive respect to Josh Cavallo ❤ England qualify for the World Cup B. Mendy charged with more rape charges. I think I know what...
  11. HaloGirl

    Footballers & Wags #20

    Since the last thread Newcastle have new owners. Steve Bruce was sacked. We are not sure what’s going on with the Icardis but it is keeping us entertained. Olivia Naylor follows Katie Price. Liverpool thrashed Utd 5-0 - surely Ole is Gunnar be going? As you were.
  12. U

    Footballers & Wags #19

    New thread! :) Recap: Debates around players vaccinations International squads announced Some interesting results in the CL Ruby Mae's fanclub :ROFLMAO: 'Alleged' girlfriends Hopefully there is more gossip to come soon
  13. Whoops i said it

    Footballers & Wags #18

    Here we go!
  14. HaloGirl

    Footballers & Wags #17

    Cristiano is back at Utd. Spurs are top. Is Ruby Mae the most beautiful girl in the world? And it’s deadline day. As you were.
  15. HaloGirl

    Footballers & Wags #16

    Old thread: JG made his move to City. As you were.
  16. C

    Footballers & WAGS #15

    old thread here - feel free to recap :)
  17. Zantezoo

    Footballers & WAGS #14

    Here we go again. Previous thread here: Things got a bit lively previous thread when Euros ended and everyone went on holiday. Usual suspects getting chatted about. Will Sasha get a holiday? Will Jack post her? Footnote to last...
  18. MarthaFarkus

    Footballers and Wags #13

    Keep calm and carry on! If someone can be arsed, can you do a recap please.
  19. Wifo1976

    Footballers & WAGs #12 Recap: Mainly Euros chat, discussion and some gossip. Now it’s (hopefully) coming home on Sunday! As you were☺️
  20. Zantezoo

    Footballers & WAGs #11

    Not even sure how to recap thread 10 😂😂 but here we go for more… thread 10 found here ⤵️
  21. Zantezoo

    Footballers & WAGS #10

    We’ve made it to thread 10! Too much to recap so previous thread here ⤵️ Wonder if Desiree or the German poster will join in again and give us closure?
  22. Zantezoo

    Footballers & WAGs #9

    Continue here guys! Previous thread found here: Last thread saw a few wag pregnancies, super league come and go & we never heard back from our German pal or Desiree on her sister. Anyone want to add anything else?
  23. MarthaFarkus

    Footballers & WAGs #8

    Well, what to say? There was some chat about Grealish and his doormat, someone came along and chatted some shit (allegedly) and we still don’t know where Shouty McShoutface disappeared to, although some have their suspicions... As you were guys.
  24. Zantezoo

    Footballers & WAGs #7

    Follow up here. Sasha still a doormat. we may or may not have someone about to spill the beans or do an insta live but no one knows who she it a trap to lure tattlers? Is it genuine? Stay tuned guys. Also where is @LadyCandour?
  25. Zantezoo

    Footballers & WAGS #6

    Flew threw thread 5 thanks to some good Raya tea.😏 Previous thread here - Continue here. ⤵️
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