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Fleur de force is a social media influencer that during covid 19 said she was staying at home for Christmas but instead went on holiday in Dubai. People commented on her Instagram that they saw her which she deleted but not quick enough before the truth came out. She tried to cover her tracks by being deceptive about the holiday by saying she didn't want people that couldn't go on holiday to feel bad.
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  1. Yel

    Fleur De Force #9 has an aversion to truffles since getting pregnant

    This seemed too funny from the most liked comment not to use. By @ahityouself
  2. Shutterbug99

    Fleur De Force #8 Goodbye! Oh hey! Buy this crap!

    Thanks to @Silly Sausage for the thread title! Recap: Fleur has quit YouTube! Well, maybe, kind of, sort of. Fleur posted a video announcing she was stepping back from YouTube. She has since backtracked and said she's taking a break and will probably be back at some point. Her retirement video...
  3. Shutterbug99

    Fleur De Force #7 Oh hey!

    Thanks to @Swipeuplikeandshare for the thread title! I'll quickly recap the latest drama for anyone who missed it: Fabulous Magazine used the words 'Fleur De Force' on a magazine cover featuring Fleur East, which FDF got pissed about, pointing out that 'Fleur De Force' is her trademark. Did...
  4. Yel

    Fleur De Force #6 To Buy or not Dubai

    Most liked thread title by @Lovely Continue here :)
  5. Yel

    Fleur De Force #5 Fleur De Liar, covid flyer, pandemic denier

    Roundup from last thread: Fleur and Mike (CEO of available car) made the Mail. Got some good comments. accused of being tone deaf and using her wealth and privilege to go abroad during a pandemic...hops on her £1000+ exercise bike. Got a £300 artisan stepladder #kindlygifted from a small...
  6. Yel

    Fleur DeForce #4 Fleur De Farce, she only apologised cos she got caught on holiday

    Fleur lied about staying at home in her estate, people commented on her grid about seeing her in Dubai and she tried to delete them before anyone saw. Then when too many people saw she edited the caption of a photo of her at home that already had lots of likes and comments to try and backtrack...
  7. londongirl2001

    Fleur DeForce #3 aka Fleur Du-Bye! She's on holiday in Dubai and faked being at home

    I hope this is ok? Never opened a thread on here before, so sorry if this is not the correct way to do it... So after pretending to care about pandemic restrictions for almost a year, Fleur felt it was time for a well-deserved time out while the UK is going into national lockdown for two...
  8. R

    Fleur DeForce #2

    I actually really liked her. The relaxed vlogs with Mike and the dogs with the odd product chucked it, it felt real. Her press trips were fun to watch even when the brands went totally over the top and spent hundreds of thousands to launch a mascara! The past two years have seen her turn into a...
  9. L

    Fleur DeForce

    Does anyone else kinda still like her? I have stayed subscribed to her and although I never ever watch her videos I still quite like her and seem to think she's one of the most real youtubers who are still somewhat relevant from back in the day. Does anyone else like her but never actualy...