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  1. ATV2021

    Designer Items #5

    5 threads of enabling....splendid lol Previous thread: Please continue
  2. Its_Me

    Designer Items #4

    Continue the enabling…
  3. Scorpihoe

    Designer Items #3

    New thread! Continue here 🥰 What does everyone think of the Bottega padded cassette bags? And the regular cassette bags? 💚
  4. Wifo1976

    Designer Items, best and worst purchases #2

    Luxury lounge for ladies who make it whilst influencers fake it, credit @chinesewhisperss Second thread of the best chat on TL on what we love and covet when it comes to shopping and luxury items. Feels just like a shopping trip with the girls 🥰 Mod edit - previous thread...
  5. G

    Designer Items, best and worst purchases?

    Off the back of the super aggressive replica designer items thread, I thought an actual designer items thread would be a goodie. my first designer bag was a Mulberry Alexa in Oak. I still have it but it’s not really ‘me’ anymore my worst buy was my Alexander Wang Rocco with rose gold hardware...
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