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  1. Caledonianprincess

    Cole & Abbie #10

    This is the 10th thread for these pair of tiktokers who think we want to know their every move when we do not. Sorry the recap is 💩 I've never started a thread before Link to previous thread here --- @foxfam_truth_be_told89...
  2. foxfamscam

    Cole & Abbie #9 Is that Jimmy Saville?

    New thread for social medias biggest fakes
  3. T

    Cole and Abbie #8 ignoring facts, they know best

    They baby's here they haven't a clue Baby wearing heavy shoes That seems to be a status thing Abbie has 2 kids before and still doesn't know Can't hold baby properly
  4. T

    Cole&Abbie TheFoxFamily7.## Prince Howat has finally arrived, Abbie step aside

    Carrying on from number 6 Abbie has now given birth, Cole is the BEST and ONLY New Mother EVER Still fleecing the vulnerable Using baby as cashcow machine. Cole seems to be dangerous with a newborn Newborn shoot was horrific Betty is back! Cringe as f**k @lollyvolupti was just coming to tag...
  5. foxfamscam

    Cole and Abbie The Fox family #6

    The band is back together Ndubz and Mr Hudson Prince Hudson Howat is here!! The drama birth happened and He was delivered after what felt like the longest Pregnancy in the history of mankind. They kept close eye on him throughout though with 21 scans at the cost of the tax payer. Welcome new and...
  6. foxfamscam

    Cole & Abbie The Fox Family #5

    Recap! Still Lesbian Still pregnant Still ill Got covid Blamed kids for covid when they attended a house of someone waiting for results of a PCR test that came back positive. Pointless use of hospital Can’t count Stole ideas from a woman off Etsy for clothing Foxfam clothing is no more as they...
  7. T

    Cole & Abbie The Fox Family #4

    The best barbers in Dumfries are having a baby (Hope that's not a secret) @foxfam_truth_be_told89, @foxfamscam, @Cherylseery, Can you please tag anyone else @lollyvolupti, @MidnightAura Abbie and Cole the medical marvels, having a baby incase you didn't know the are same sex and need us all...
  8. foxfam_truth_be_told89

    Cole & Abbie the Fox family #3

    @foxfamscam @Tiredgranny72
  9. foxfamscam

    Cole & Abbie the fox family #2

    Vol 2 for those who want to comment about this pair of most fake annoying scammers who are just desperate for money and fame. Feel like she has been pregnant for ever!! Na Na Niiiiii Enjoy ✌🏻
  10. C

    Cole & Abbie the fox family

    @cole_abbie on tiktok What do you all think of them?