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  1. WhatABore

    Chelsea Mchodg #3 The McHodgson's are off on a trip but can't go abroad unless they use alien fellas spaceship

    Thread title thanks to @kayefeluu20 My suggestion was top votes but this one contained the same bit about the alien fella so did this one instead😂
  2. WhatABore

    Chelsea McHodg #2 Trying to be successf-oil

    New thread! Went for the only suggestion we had 😂
  3. Kazzie20

    Chelsea Mchodg

    Tiktok - @chels_mchodg Eats takeaway like there going out of fashion, poor JJ is having kfc almost every lunch time. She never mentions any friends. Pretty sure shes 🍃 in her milkshake videos but ignores every comment addressing it and calls treats ‘munchies’ (the word used when you hit the...
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