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  1. L

    James and Carys #19 You do you poo

    (Not sure if shit and tits are allowed in thread title so may have to change?) but Thread title by @plwcm Mod edit, swears can't be in titles.
  2. plwcm

    James and Carys #10 Baby Amber stuck in a swaddle, Carys pretending parenting's a doddle

    Thanks to @HolymolyMeohmy for thread title (edited for length). To recap: - they do not seem to know how to appropriately dress their baby - swaddle, white noise, swaddle, white noise, swaddle, white noise, swaddle... need I say more - obsessed with amber's sleep/nap time - everything is a...
  3. L

    James and Carys #8 born at 40 wks, 3 wks overdue. Amber let's get some content out of you!

    New thread - thanks @wyncyg for the title (slightly amended to fit). baby amber was born 3rd/4th April pretty much on her due date and both Carys and amber are having to spend a few days in hospital as home birth didn’t go to plan.
  4. L

    James and Carys #7 nothing fits you but what happened to the ITS collection boo?!

    New thread. title thanks to @jalview19 - had to shorten it to fit
  5. L

    James and Carys #4 Did you know I'm pregnant?

    New thread. Did you know I'm pregnant, I've over said it, always get my tits out for pervs on reddit. title won’t fit and I don’t know how to edit it😂😬
  6. Yukon909

    James and Carys #3 Busy bee(ing) slobs, James will you shut your gob!!

    Title thanks to me... 😂 carys is preggers if anyone didn’t know!! Let’s hope she doesn’t break her back like bella swan did with the amount of posing she does Also just realised I did the number for the title wrong 🤦🏻‍♀️ Sorry it’s my first time creating one haha
  7. Brooke Davis

    James and Carys #2 Busy Bee(ing) Consumers

    Thanks to @Kg1234 for thread suggestion ☺️ @admin could this be changed to james and carys #2. Sorry first thread creation.
  8. G

    James and Carys - busybee.carys

    Thoughts? I really like this couple, they seem very genuine and likable.