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  1. pommynoir

    Bradley Weekes #10 Brads thread was looking kinda dry So he went out with a chick who used to be a guy. šŸ„€

    New thread, title courtesy of @Lucyxxxx where do we even start with a recap?! šŸ˜³
  2. Brian Butterfield

    Bradley Weekes #9

    No thread title for his one. Rest in peace, Jodie. Bradley Weekes is literal scum of the earth.
  3. pommynoir

    Bradley weekes #8 Just when you think the thicko chav is dead - he pulls a new slapper to start a new thread

    Well done @Frankysaysrelax for the thread title. recap; heā€™s still a slaggy gnome who is protecting his ā€œmillionsā€ by staying Monday to Friday with his baby mama and spending weekends pulling random women and spending his giro on them. Back to the baby mama Monday. Anything to add?
  4. BirkenheadTranny

    Bradley Weekes #6 His neck his back Carl best get his money back

    Well done to @Lucyxxxx for the new thread title. Carrying on here following the trauma of the last 24 hours to us tattle trolls.
  5. pommynoir

    Bradley Weekes #5 Bradders is desperate and needs a new scam. The best he's come up with is sh*gging your nan.

    New thread, title courtesy of @Frankysaysrelax RECAP; bradley is back with Vicky and working as a stripper at Mecca bingo.
  6. pommynoir

    Bradley Weekes #4 Brad became single and was feeling footloose, The cash ran out and he crawled back to Bruce.

    New thread. Top suggestion from @Lucyxxxx with a special shout out to @Frrelax previous thread: recap: - Bradley and Jess broke up - Bradley went back to Brum, and back to Vickys bed - He finally met his...
  7. Brian Butterfield

    Bradley Weekes #3 the Tipton tiddler swindler

    Congratulations to @Keera for the winning thread title with 32 votes. Please remember no thread titles until the tail end of the thread and to add ā€˜thread titleā€™ or ā€˜thread title nominationā€™. No swears x
  8. B

    Bradley Weekes #2 Still Skint, still a beg, got kneecapped in Brum, almost lost a leg.

    Thank you to @Sominxo for the thread title!
  9. dumdums83

    Bradley Weekes aka fx_supreme__

    Bradley weekes aka fx_supreme__