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  1. M

    Beth Sandland #7 So beige. So bland. So sandland.

    Thought it was high time we got a new thread! We were up to page 58 on the old one. Title thanks to @Chattymamabear and suggested by @FraggleRock back in January. Luckily this is Beth, so it's still relevant. Beth is 38 weeks pregnant and there's no chance she'll let you forget it.
  2. Pollyanna263

    Beth Sandland #6 She married her teacher then her mum married the head of year

    Beth Sandland #6 She married her teacher then her mum married the head of year Thread title by @Eenymeenyminymo (And yes, it’s true!) @xits_jjx did you say you have a recap ready?
  3. M

    Beth Sandland #5 The First Woman To Parent

    Title thanks to @xits_jjx with the most likes Special Mention goes to @Aunt Lydia who had the second most liked suggestion - Beggy Beth is infested with mice, but don‘t you dare try and offer her advice. Recently Beth has returned from her second free holiday to a mice infestation she knew...
  4. Dipdab

    Beth Sandland #4 BS by name and by nature

    Still “exclusively” breastfeeding and letting us all know at every opportunity. Married her old teacher Was asked to go on love island once despite having no idea what it is … Feel free to add a better recap I was a bit pressed for time 😅. I see today she’s been gifted a framed photo of...
  5. FraggleRock

    Beth Sandland #3 Goldilocks and the 3 Beths - mummy Beth, boy Beth and baby Beth

    New thread everyone, most popular title by @disneys!
  6. clueless

    Beth Sandland #2 No more pretending I'm travelling solo, I married my school teacher, yolo

    New thread! Credit for the title goes to both @LividLalji and @Eenymeenyminymo who came up with very similar titles! I had to tweak a little to fit :) I'm sure I'll forget some things, but here is a brief recap of thread #1... - The mysterious 'Boy Beth' was her history teacher. - Her travel...
  7. N

    Beth Sandland