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  1. Marylou

    Aldi & Lidl #6

    Discussing the pros/cons and what to buy/avoid from both shops.
  2. Lolly505

    Aldi and Lidl #5

    New thread for all the Aldi and Lidl chat āœØ Mod edit, best to leave it blank if no title suggestions - else we get people complaining
  3. coconochanel

    Aldi and Lidl #4 Oh ahh just a Lidl bit, Oh ahh Aldi Lidl bit more!

    New thread thanks to @Bubblesdahling for the winning title suggestion.
  4. kev1974

    Aldi and Lidl #3 Before you ask, the name of the Whispering Angel dupe is Ventoux Rose!

    Thread title by @Biscuit or cake ! Carry on with your recommendations for salt crystal butter and so on! Poll above on which are your favourite aisles. Add any areas I've forgotten in the comments below. Any signs yet of what specials Aldi and Lidl will be offering for Christmas? M&S already...
  5. coconochanel

    Aldi and Lidl #2 so, how mochi do you want to try the mighty peas?

    Welcome to all things Aldi & Lidl, best buy, bad buys and everything in between. so far we have become obsessed with.... Chocolate pretzel baršŸ˜‹ Mighty peas:love: Rose wine Dominoes knock off pizza and dip sweets-percy pig dupes Crisps loads more but I cant remember but we have a divide on the...
  6. Yel

    Aldi and Lidl

    How about a thread for these two? Interested to try the mochi in Aldi next week, I wonder if some will be dairy free like the little moons brand and if little moons are making them for Aldi? The coconut ones don't seem to be covered in desiccated coconut unlike little moons, I'd pay 20% more...