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    The Poo in the Box story

    In May 2017, Gabriella was talking with her friend Ellie on Twitter about how she pooed in a box and had to facetime Ellie for moral support. Gabby claimed it was because she'd just had surgery and had to use a box to poo in, however Ellie then says that was NOT the reason. The reason was that Gabby's brother George and his friend were staying at her flat, and she decided to poo in a box in her room to avoid them hearing her poo in the bathroom. Gabby admitted to this on Twitter and then realised she had pooed in a box on TWO occasions.



    What's with the Lasagne in the Bath Reference?

    It all started with Gabbie tweeting about eating lasagne in the bath and it falling in. She also mentioned it in this video. It's been a running joke ever since.

    Other things she's enjoyed during a bath:




    What is the emergency cricket match story?

    When asked if she would spend her 25th birthday with her mum, she snapped and arrogantly told the commenter that she would be with her imaginary boyfriend.

    But luck was not on her side and she hilariously got caught in her lie in 4k by fans who saw her out on her birthday, no boyfriend in sight. When confronted with it, she once again lost her temper and said he was at a cricket match in York. This has since become the infamous and often referred to "emergency cricket match" story.


    The famous emergency cricket match comment:


    "thanks Jane for taking the photo" 💀💀💀


    Watercooler Moments

    The elbow in Jane's face
    During a livestream, Jane was about to read out a question by a viewer about Zoe, who Gabbie had already fallen out with at this point, and to stop her from finishing the question, Gabbie elbowed Jane in the face.

    Throwing noodles in anger
    Gabbie bragged on Twitter about throwing noodles in a fit of rage after a fight with a family member.

    The writing the day off/ white grout drama
    It was the day she was supposed to get the keys for her current flat and Gabbie and Jane were out, making last minute purchases for her bathroom renovation. The situation quickly escalated, when B&Q didn't have any baths and she didn't even get the white grout she so desperately wanted. Jane, ever the reasonable one, proposed to write the day off.





    Revealing the gender of Hobbie's twins before him
    Gabbie's great unrequited love Hobbie announced that he was having twins in late 2017 and her way of dealing with the heartbreak was to go overboard with seeming unbothered and buying baby clothes that she then showed online. Since she bought outfits for both a girl and a boy, she revealed the gender of the babies before he could do so himself.
    Except for very few comments on social media over the years, they've not had contact since.
    hobbie twins.png

    hobbie twins gender reveal 3.png

    hobbie twins gender reveal 2.png
    hobbie twins gender reveal.jpeg

    Falling down the stairs in Salzburg
    While talking to the camera about her uneasiness when walking down stairs, she slipped and fell. Jane reacts with the now iconic "Oh, Gabbeh".

    The iconic TikTok dance

    The Staying Alive walking edit

    The famous Alfie Twitter argument
    In their pursuit of endless greed, some Gleam Futures content creators signed up with the online platform Vessel which offered their content for a monthly subscription. Our social justice warrior took to Twitter to call them out but got reprimanded by Alfie for it. Their relationship never recovered from this and his dislike of Gabbie was assumed to be a major reason for the friendship breakdown with Zoe.

    Her outrage about waiters getting tipped
    On Twitter, she expressed her annoyance at waiters getting tips. She doesn't understand why they should get money on top of their minimum wage and that they should just get a better job if they want more and she has it worse anyway.

    Is She a Tory?

    Yes, she proudly votes conservative


    What is Gabriella's Sexuality?

    Honestly? Who knows. Over the years she's claimed to be straight, bisexual and gay. In this video Gabbie claimed she thought she was a lesbian until she lost her virginity to a guy when she was 15 years old, then still thought she was a lesbian until 2015. She also had what looked like a very brief thing with a girl called Poppy - but nothing really happened. As of 2023, she identifies as a lesbian.

    Her opinions on relationships and having children

    Gabbie’s no longer secret girlfriend "Cam"

    • She met "Cam" in a Taylor Swift conspiracy discord which only those who support the "Gaylor" podcast "What I will say" financially have access to
    • She shares intimate details of her (probably made up) life on her camcakes and whatiwillsay Tumblr, tags their relationship with #cabbie
    • Cam is 5 years older (birthday on July 31st, 1989) and lives in Huntsville, Alabama, as does her family
    • Cam has two business degrees (Auburn College of Business)
    • her real name is Adrienne Helen West (she revealed her name herself via her AirPod name on an Instagram story)
    • She got arrested at 25 for driving under the influence
    • Gabbie has appeared on multiple episodes of the whatiwillsay podcast, some locked behind a Patreon paywall
    • Gabbie called Cam her soulmate one month into their relationship
    • Cam loves eating ass and calls herself a power bottom
    • Cam was still seeing her most likely made up ex Sophia in early November of 2022 and her relationship with Gabbie officially started later that month on November 24th
    • They met in person for the first time in early March 2023 in London and in NYC in April for the second time
    • She has published fanfiction on Archive of our own under the name Elle_Monson
    • Enjoys very eclectic footwear















    What happened with Lucy and Lydia?

    Gabby insinuated online that the twins were homophobic. There was also a video where the twins and Gabby were talking about a time when the twins were going to stay with Gabby in London, but were running late so Gabby threw a strop and told them not to come. There was also rumours that Lydia hooked up with Hobbie (who Gabby was in love with).
    twins 1.PNG

    Her open struggles with making friends

    Timeline of her friendship with Zoe

    June 2014 - Zoe and Gab upload vlogs of their first meet-up.

    End of August 2014 - Gabby moves to Brighton for Zoe

    December 2014 - Vessel launches and some Gleam talents sign with them which leads to her public fallout with Alfie and the end of her friendship with Zoe.
    In the following months, she trash talks both on Tumblr.

    July 2015 - Gabbie uploads the Honesty video where she talks about her and Zoe’s friendship falling apart

    Oct 2015 - Zoe uploads a vlog about her book launch, Gabbie attends the book launch but only films Hobbie’s performance. She praises Zoe the morning after for her launch.

    Dec 2015 - Gabbie and Zoe film their last videos together and they haven't seen each other since.

    In a Q&A from 2023 she blames Zoe not speaking up in her defense as the reason they are no longer friends.

    Health Conditions

    Allergies and IntolerancesOther Illnesses and Injuries

    Cashews (severe intolerance)
    Cow's Milk (severe intolerance)
    Chickpeas (mild intolerance)
    Cuttlefish (mild intolerance)
    Egg Whites (severe intolerance)
    Egg Yolks (severe intolerance)
    Gluten (severe intolerance)
    Goat (mild intolerance)
    Goat's Milk (severe intolerance)
    Hazelnuts (mild intolerance)
    Lactose Intolerant
    Lamb (mild intolerance)
    Non-Pedigree Cats
    Peas (severe intolerance)
    Peanuts (mild intolerance)
    Plantain (severe intolerance)
    Sheep's Milk (mild intolerance)
    Soya Beans (mild intolerance)
    Wheat (severe intolerance)
    Yeast (severe intolerance)
    Adhesions (removal around entire abdomen in July '22)
    Anemia (needed blood transfusion, 'nearly died', on iron tablets that she never took)
    Anxiety (medicated)
    ARFID (Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder)
    Asthma (references in moving to Brighton vlog)
    Astigmatism (doesn’t allow her to drive and needs super special drops)
    BED (implied)
    Blindness after lipo surgery in 2023
    Body dysmorphia (self diagnosed)
    Broke her leg after falling down stairs (Fact number 40 in 50 Facts about me video)
    Chronic Fatigue
    Depression (medicated)
    Diseased Gallbladder (tweeted July 2021)
    Endometriosis (Had operashun, was told her ‘fertility looked good’. Wound got infected)
    Epilepsy (possibly)
    Hypermobile feet (flexible big toes)
    IBS (bloating)
    Infected Liver (as per tweet July 2021)
    Insomnia (self diagnosed)
    Laryngitis during college that made her lose her voice for 18 months
    Lazy eye
    Lung doesn’t work properly
    Mild scoliosis ('diagnosed' by Pilates instructor)
    Mystery back pain that isn’t gallstones but needs an operation
    Panic attacks (men with rucksacks induced)
    Partially deaf - Claimed she could only understand people if she was reading their lips at the same time
    POTS - Claimed she was passing out every time she stood up
    PSR (photic sneeze reflex, diagnosed by Adrienne)
    Pulls eyelashes out
    Reverse SAD (Hates summer, loves winter. Cured through weight loss in 2023)
    Stomach problems that led to 65 lbs weight loss
    TMJD - clicky jaw videos
    Torn calf muscle/ tendon followed by 8 weeks of physio
    Bile duct stones (on her instastory Nov 16, 2021)

    - Excess skin (removed, botched)
    - Breast implants (corrected, botched) x3
    - Lip fillers (corrected, botched)
    - Stomach reduction surgery (confirmed) (resulted in only being able to eat crispy things)
    - Deviated septum (had operashun, botched as it got infection)
    - Laparoscopy
    - Fibroid Removal May 2021 (Botched as it got infected. Discovered she was allergic to penicillin)
    - Gallbladder removal July 2021
    - Gifted lipo on her legs in January 2023 with complicashuns that left her on death's bed and led to temporary blindness
    - Balloon put in her stomach in October 2023 to fix her inability to eat anything but melty foods like pizza and mountains of meat for a year
    - another "stomach procedure" in November 2023
    - gifted lipo number 2 in January 2024

    Scandals/Notable Moments


    Lying About her Weight Loss Surgery & Promoting Disordered Eating:

    • Gabbie initially claimed she lost 8 stone through the help of a dietician and exercise, although she made multiple claims that she starved herself. Before the knowledge of her WLS surfaced, she said she lived off almost nothing but orange juice and would forget to eat. According to earlier discussions on Guru Gossip, Gabbie had a private twitter that she would encourage and recommend people to skip meals and starve themselves. No screenshots were taken at the time, so unfortunately there is no proof of this.
    • After claiming that she lives off two glasses of orange juice a day with no food, a concerned fan told her she shouldn't starve herself. Gabbie got extremely defensive and claimed that's how she lost 6.5 stone.

    She claims that food posts are extremely triggering to her, but continues to post pictures of extremely unhealthy meals and her daily Starbucks drinks. Fans have kindly and politely offered advice on healthier substitutes or how she should cut back on certain foods because of all of her supposed intolerances, but she gets 'triggered' and blocks them.

    Some screenshots:

    The Manchester Bombing Tweet Incident:

    Following the Manchester Bombing Attack in 2017, Gabbie posted a series of tweets half an hour after the attack claiming she had a dream an attack would happen at the Ariana gig she was going to go to in London and said she was 'psychic'. Of course, this didn't go down well at all with many people on Twitter. It took her days to issue a vague apology.

    Fan Responses:

    When someone suggested doing a cover for charity:

    Her 'apology':
    It should be noted that this apology was issued days later, and after the 'pet peeve' tweet fiasco, so it isn't too clear on what she's referring to. So these following screenshots may very well be for the pet peeve tweets - and not about the Manchester bombings.

    The 'Pet Peeve' Tweet Fiasco:

    Days after the Manchester Bombing tweets, Gabriella posted the infamous 'My biggest pet peeve is when people complain about their body + claim to be terribly self conscious YET WEAR SHORTS N BARE THEIR BODY'. Again, this didn't go down too well.

    Juniper Moon & The Plagiarism Scandal:

    On the 1st October 2020, Gabbie launched 'Juniper Moon', an online shop of supposed home decor - consisting of prints, stickers, pins and tote bags. However, prior to launch, some fans found the private IG account of JM through their recommended and were immediately blocked after requesting to follow. Comments were left by fans on her other SM, but they were either blocked or the comments were deleted. Gabbie never addressed this.

    After posting some of her latest prints, some users on tattle noticed some major similarities between her artwork and the art of some businesses she followed on instagram. The conversation first starts here. Most noticeably two girls that go under the name och_monika on instagram and aa.ninaa.
    Top row: Gabbie
    Bottom row: Monika and Nina

    As soon as this surfaced, she unfollowed both accounts. Luckily, screenshots were captured.

    The account of the small business 'SpiltMilkPress' took one for the team and called Gabbie out on her blatant plagiarism. Found here. Of course, she was blocked. It wasn't long before others (Yasmin Johal) followed and called her out. She was also blocked. Gabbie continued to keep quiet, blocked anyone who mentioned the plagiarism and limited/turned off comments on IG.

    Some more instances of her alleged plagiarism:

    Her Statement:

    On the 30th October, Gabbie released this statement. The artist in question was Monika, yet Monika did not release a statement validating Gabbie's claim. Gabbie also said she was going to take people to court over 'slander'.

    Lying About Being Alone in Lockdown & Writing Birthday Cards to Herself:

    Made up that she was spending her 2020 birthday alone and sent birthday cards to herself. See her birthday vlog here. At 10 seconds someone opens and closes the door hastily. This was in fact Jane. Gabby was hiding the fact that Jane was there after gaining sympathy online about spending her birthday alone in lockdown. Gabby showed a bunch of birthday cards that she'd received and you can see she has written it to herself judging by the 'To Gabriella' handwriting. See this post here for screenshots.

    Hating Men:

    Gabbie has made it extremely obvious on social media over the years how much she despises men

    Her hatred of people who are mothers

    In the fall of 2022, Gabbie made this response to a Tik Tok saying when people say they’re more tired with kids than people who don’t have them:

    She also made this nasty comment on Twitter before deleting it:



    She has a cat called Nellie. He was born on the 11th December 2015 and is a British Shorthair, bought from a dodgy breeder. Gabbie was originally getting two kittens, one girl (she called Miley) and one boy - but the girl kitten had to be put down due to a heart murmur before she collected them. Although Nellie is a male cat, his full name is Penelope for some reason. Also goes by Nelbobs or Nelson. Previous names have included Tinkerbell, Tinky, Spencer, Eric and Roger. He is severely obese and is fed way too much tuna.

    Her family used to have a cat called Lily (full name Tiger Lily). She died.

    In 2016, Gabbie bought a cat for her brother George as a gift. Although the cat was for George, she claims it's hers. George named the cat Leo. Gabbie refused to respect this and called the kitten 'Ollie' before changing it to Pikelet and bikey. George still isn't happy about this.

    In May 2017, Gabbie decided to get another kitten to keep Nellie company. She called this kitten Jeremy after the character Jeremy Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries, then later on started calling him Bean. He is another British ShorthairShe would post photos and videos of the two cats getting along and sleeping/cuddling with each other. However when Jeremy started peeing everywhere, she soon got fed up and shipped him off to her Mum in Sheffield. She announced that Jeremy had gone on the 17th September 2017. 4 months after getting the cat. In this video, she says that a girl tweeted her saying her kitten did this because he was threatened by the older cat. So she used this as the reason and said that Nellie absolutely hated Jeremy and would always attack him - although she would always post proof of them getting along.

    As far as we're concerned, she only has one cat instead of the 4 she always claims she has.

    Cat litter hoarding

    During lockdown, Gabbie decided instead of taking her dirty cat litter out to the bins, she would hoard it in her flat instead. She showed several bags of dirty cat litter in binbags on her vlog. People were disgusted!

    Cat litter.PNG
    cat litter 2.PNG

    Flouting COVID Rules

    Throughout the pandemic, Gabbie has been extremely vocal and judgemental on social media about those who go outside and mingle with people, as well as taking unessential trips. Normally, this would be totally acceptable to judge. However, she has taken many unessential trips - including travelling up and down the country. She proudly stated on IG that she hasn't seen anyone besides her mum since January 2020. This was a big fat lie of course.

    Here are some examples:

    Bench fitted - Feb 9th. Video
    Mean Therapist - Feb 25th
    Mooching around Brighton w/ Jane inc. hairdressers and lunch at Bills - Feb 27th. Video
    A&E for gallstones - Feb 28th
    Flooring fitted - Mar 10th. Video
    Saw George sometime over the summer
    Starbucks doodle day 1 - Jul 22nd
    Starbucks doodle day 2 - Sep 2nd
    Bloke who fitted her ikea shelves to the wall - Sep 8th
    Accompanied Jane to get a new phone - Sep 9th
    Starbucks and mooch - Oct 15th (insta)
    Train to Sheffield for her operashun - Dec 12th
    Mooch around Meadowhall - Dec 13th
    IKEA (allegedly) - Dec 26th

    Nellie's predicament











    Mean therapist


    Her brother George's disgusting tweets

    At the start of 2022, Tattlers discovered Gabbie's brother George had a history of disgusting tweets. They were posted on Tattle and within approximately 30 mins - 1 hour, his Twitter was made private and then deleted. Tattlers take this as proof that he or Gabbie reads her Tattle thread regularly.

    Trigger warning: racism/rape

    Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 18.27.22.png










    Weird food and drink habits

    Our hamsexual queen would never leave the house without a packet of ham and famously loves her ready meals, snacks and tinned soups as much as a cupboard full of 10 different kinds of cereal and her daily Starbucks drink.
    But nothing beats her Rosé bolognese that is cooked on and off for 12 hours over multiple days and then put into the freezer.










    Other Fun Facts

    Some of these 'fun facts' may be gross. Please be warned.
    • She uses Rosé wine in lasagne
    • Pretends to have green eyes
    • She hates men and grass
    • She has stored her mum's clothes in the bidet when she was visiting
    • She has kept underwear in a storage basket in the kitchen due to laziness
    • She uses vegetable racks as crisp storage
    • She allegedly was forced to stand behind a curtain and sing a solo in college rather than sing on stage
    • Apparently her French teacher threw a chair at her
    • She goes through flats like there is no tomorrow
    • She once left her pregnant neighbour to deal with some blokes who tried to 'break into her flat' after Gobby buzzed them into the building at 2am
    • She once was paying rent for two London flats at once, with one not being lived in
    • She hates La La Land
    • Aside from Youtube and Jewniper Mewn Juniper Moon, she has never had a real job
    • She once teased a 'super secret project' for months. It was shelves. She was putting things...on shelves.
    • She is scared of the color red
    • She has secretly recorded her neighbours on snapchat, then uploaded them to social media. Examples are here and here
    • She once left Starbucks because she saw a "shady" looking man with a backpack who talked in a foreign language, which triggered her fear of terrorists.

    Iconic sightings of Gabbatron in the wild






    Gabbie pre Youtube


    Screenshot_20210130-004807_Samsung Internet.jpg







    Often referenced posts and moments


    The secret shelf project:

    Hypocrisy thy name is Gabriella

    George, who is now dating a Zoe lookalike

    Aries in her life: Zoe and the twins

    The unsolvable problem that is international shipping

    Fewd is fewl

    Gabbie the keyboard warrior

    Goes to war with a mother over who is more exhausted



    Eeshan's first appearance was around 2014, when she called him her boyfriend in a comment she left on a picture of him on his Instagram. There was lots of speculation at the time that the pictures he used on social media weren't actually him.
    His second appearance was in 2019, when she once again claimed to be dating him. As far as we know, they've never actually met in person to this day. They had plans to see each other on her 25th birthday in London which she revealed via a passive-aggressive clapback at someone who asked if she'd spend the day with Jane. This led to the famous "my boyfriend had an emergency cricket match" excuse when she was caught by a fan in London with Jane on her birthday instead. She would later call Eeshan a catfish and not mention him again for years, until a conversation was discovered in the What I Will Say discord group, where she said that he asked her how lesbians have sex which she said she explained to him. He would then text her to proudly admit he masturbates to the mental image of her having sex with a woman and says it's her fault. In the same conversation, she refers to him as her "straight male friend of 8 years". There is no conclusive proof as to when this text exchange with Eeshan actually happened.