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So it’s a global pandemic when it suits him, so that Kai can go to school. But not when it means staying at home and not hitting the garden centres and supermarket every Friday? 🤦🏼‍♀️
‘Kai missed most of the school year last year...’

1. So did most kids
2. Kai actually went back to school as soon as he could so in fact he missed far less school than my kids did.
3. He doesn’t need to be in all day everyday like he said ‘it’s a global pandemic’ maybe send him half the week.

I know in my kids school they have had to turn people away because they are at 75% of kids in most days, which means someone is having to choose between working (maybe in a key worker role) and packing their kids off to their grandparents.

last week when he and his husband were home, why did they still send him in? They could have told the school he didn’t need to be in.

why doesn’t he just say ‘I don’t give a flying fuck about this virus or the teaching staff, supermarket workers’

because that’s basically how he is coming across.



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Tom’s arrogance always gets on my nerves, he’s so up his own arse and thinks him and his family are special exceptions to all rules that don’t suit them.

he is saying Kai is a vulnerable child to try and evoke the sympathy in his sheep. Technically yes Kai does on paper class as vulnerable because he has a statement of special needs, but by using the word vulnerable, he is wanting to make it sound far worse than what it is.

kai isn’t going to suffer at home, like the majority of vulnerable kids, he’s just going to miss out, like all children have... he isn’t neglected, he is loved and safe at home, which is more than what most kids who class as vulnerable are...
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