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I watched Hannah’s vlogs when she was pregnant with her first child. Then Stef took over & completely ruined it!
His dreary, boring AF speeches about things he knows nothing about. His pleading poverty despite living in a million pound house in Bath, being pig-ignorant with his subscribers calling them “c***s”, he’s vile.



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Genuine intellectuals don't vlog their kids for a living. He thinks he's higher up the food chain than bottom feeders like the Sacconejolys but there's only a difference of style. The substance is essentially the same.

Increasingly of the view that vloggers are all ego maniacs. They're not made that way by the pressure of the 'job', the job simply attracts an above average number of narcissists. They can't take any criticism.

As for his alleged 'creativity'...sorry, can't even summon the enthusiasm to critique it.

And, like the post above, can't abide the use of the child to parrot words it can't understand. It's awful. Cringe making, self-indulgent whimsy of the worst kind.


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There are a lot of things positive things I can say about the Michalaks too, but not enough to make me want to watch and adore them like I did years ago. I think the vlogs are honestly beautiful in the sense of simple beauty. Stef is very talented in filming, editing and creating atmosphere. I like Hannah a lot. Or liked at least. I don't know since Stef made her channel to his fulltime project in his narrative. The boys are very very cute and well behaved in my opinion.
But I intensely intensely hate how unable they are to criticism. I don't know ANY other youtube who puts themself on such a pedestal. Every critique is hate or stupid or a joke for them to act smarter, not-at-all and trying too hard to be so sarcastic and ironic in front of a camera. And there are very little things I hate more than arrogance. For me it's more Stef and not Hannah. I hate how much he wants to be the center of attention (as I said even on this meta-level: how ridiculous it is that he took her channel away and made it to his project once she had a lot of followers and then she had to create another one for herself...), reminds me of Samantha Marias boyfriend. I really disliked him in a lot of vlogs where you can see them having a fight or after a fight and how hurt Hannah is because he treats her badly (of course I can only say something about this scenes, not about their relationship in general).


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They were brilliant a few years back. They set the standard of family vlogging so high but how can you enjoy watching them when they constantly remind you how many hours are spent editting or how late they stayed up to do it. I began to feel guilty for taking up their time and then all Stef's self-deprivation and the self pity whenhe wasn’t happy about the content he produced.
It's a weekly vlog love, no one really takes that much notice of the special thing you did with the lense or the music you picked. Most only came to see the cute kid or what colour lipstick Hannah is wearing that day.


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Totally unbelievable ad, there’s no way she uses Aldi makeup on the regular

She’s also been flogging it on stories the past few weeks with no ad tag. Surprise surprise it’s been an ad all along

Most of the comments on her ad video are negative it seems people are wise to this kind of money motivated content
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Just watched Hannah’s video about her cards. I thought they were pretty cute actually but the £22 for 6! I was a bit shocked at first but then that’s what, just over 3.50 per card? Suppose it’s not that bad for a hand stamped card. You can easily spend that on a card in the supermarket. I think it would have been better if she had many designs and you could pick 6 that go into a box. I’m not sure 6 bah humbug cards would suit whom I would be sending cards too.
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