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Tom Rosenthal is an English singer-songwriter and composer. His music has been described as "short, expertly crafted pop songs".

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  1. evoway13

    The Michalaks #4 Claiming sobriety,what were they thinking?It’s not semantics when they’re still drinking

    Thank you @curious.alice for the brilliant thread name ! 🥰
  2. Gloria Rostron

    The Michalaks #3 Stef is still a pretend hipster twit whilst flogging Ali Express tat!

    Congratulations @evoway13 , your suggestion had the most votes. The Michalaks
  3. CatHun

    The Michalaks #2 The Adventures of Hannah Maggs and Baldspot McVoiceover

    New thread for Baths most pretentious couple!
  4. Q

    The Michalaks

    I watched Hannah’s vlogs when she was pregnant with her first child. Then Stef took over & completely ruined it! His dreary, boring AF speeches about things he knows nothing about. His pleading poverty despite living in a million pound house in Bath, being pig-ignorant with his subscribers...