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Looks like he has been trying to keep a low profile but glad it’s exposed what he has been doing. So dodgy and corrupt.

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so many legitimate platforms to do this on but he chose the most shady one. there's no way he doesn't know about all the news surrounding hyperfund/hyperverse
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Exactly, he chose the most dodgy one and he clearly knew. Suspect that’s why he archived or deleted all his IG post and stopped advertising crypto etc.
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He is sooo exposed for being a slimey piece shit, no talent, lazy turd.

On IG the video is blowing up...

nah, pardeep's always been about money so it's def him & she just lets him do whatever since she's gonna benefit anyway
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His video has been leaked online, I guess he is in panic mode, explains the deletion of all his posts. Now promoting super hero clothes, soooo sad
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The caption ☠ Clearly annoyed that he has been outed - so trying to change his whole IG back to fashion.

Makes sense to promote fashion, as it was this that got him a very decent following. This whole crypto with Hyperfund aka Hyperverse was going to end badly, when he should done his due diligence.

Pleased post more videos of rupi singing in the fire escape, there hilarious.

Can't imagine we're she got that idea? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 will she be taking requests?
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