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Here's your reminder...

Nobody gives a fucking shit that you constantly forget your only med you take in tablet form.

Your lips look fucking ridiculous.

The pout looks pathetic.

You have done many of these ask me boxes, sat in your usual spot. Stop pretending it isn't for engagement purposes.


Her new extensions look very nice ! Not a big fan of the red lips and orangey/brown eyeshadow but I think she looks quite pretty. How long her hair will stay that way though 😂😂
Yes dark hair is so beautiful on pale skin when it looks lovely and healthy! Definitely suits her better long as well, jaw length Bob is just 🤢 to me


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Ahaha I came here to say exactly that. Also for the love of god. ENUNCIATE. I’d never noticed it before and saw it mentioned here and now it makes my blood boil 😤😳
She talks about getting the captions.....
She wouldn't be able to use them anyway because they won't be able to understand her.
Also, like fk is she nervous, she talks utterly shit. How can she say she hasn't got her body out in a long time....these are only from this last month. Not including ones she has only done on stories. She talks shit and can't keep up with her own lies. really don't have to get your body out all the time ....I dont miss it when you dont



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Any excuse to mention the medication.

Missing one tablet isn't ideal but the medication stays in your system (blood brain barrier) for longer than 24 hours so highly doubt just missing 1 tablet will cause a rapid decline.

A bad day is possible regardless....she blames every low period on meds. Meds or not we have shit days!! She doesn't seem to accept that.


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