Robert Welsh

Agree with everything here, he seems so genuine and really helpful and yeah I agree he only criticizes techniques and products, not the person themselves (except 5 min crafts but that's understandable 😂)

Also love James too, and their podcast is so soothing 😍


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I love him and his brother James! They're one of the very few YouTubers I get a good vibe from and think "yeah I could be mates with them in real life". I love Robert's ghost story videos and their podcast is hilarious.


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Love Robert and James! Picked up lots of useful tips and like how they don't preach and keep things super simple


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Love him too. Such good advice too.

When he says his little intro about who he is and what he does, it always reminds me of an air steward for some reason!
I thought it was so funny when he ran out of breath when he was saying his intro in one of his recent videos and then started giggling to himself. Bless him! I basically know his intro off by heart now lol


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So pleased for him and his Sigma brush set. I'm was actually looking for a brush set as I use the same 3 brushes over and over (lol) so I'm thinking of purchasing it!
Its sold out! I initially thought it was overpriced but after watching his video I really wanted them and thought it wasn't too bad considering how much he did with them.
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