Rebecca Lamb #44 constantly flashing a thigh or boob, but had to buy her way to 100k on YouTube.

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28 reposts of people licking her arse.. We get it.
This is ego boost number 1 for the week..
Thursday night will be a bodeh positiviteh

She doesn't really believe that 2 videos a week is working really hard?? I mean this is meant to be her job and she has all the time in the world.. And her content is shit??

In fact she should really be thanking us,, after all we give her half her content...

GGive me strength. Does she get to charge more on YouTube now she has 100k too??


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Even her dad congratulates her! How sad seeing your daughter flaunting her half naked body to all and sundry! Bloody strange carry on if you ask me! Watching your daughter bathe - in filthy bath water - with a camera in hand! What are these idiots on? Keep convincing yourself Begga you bloody simpleton, its all gona come crashing down, hahahaha and then the tears will be real!! Beaver must be as proud as punch that 100k are watching his future mrs beaver slagging herself about!! Spending his hard earned cash in hand money, buying subscribers!!!!!!


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Im red for her posting that crying pic. Fuck sake she isn’t right in the head! How can she act like that when she knows she’s been buying subs!! And also her insta posts have a lot of fake accounts liking them, so she’s been buying likes too. The girl seriously needs to get a fucking life she has got her priorities all wrong.


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Surely it’s about how many people actually watch your videos? Which isn’t a lot when you take off the views from us trolls just for the pure entertainment 😂 why is she so bothered she has 100k subscribers. I know most are bought but people are clearly not watching her videos. Doesn’t that make her question things really 😆


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Why’s the bottom half of her face a different colour from the top....
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Just because you’re a mum doesn’t mean you have to cover up and hide that’s why. Only applies to certain areas of the body though like chin, boobs, arse & flaps. The rest you shine like a shoe or better you do your tan and look like you’ve been in the gurls mud bath #loveyourself #bodypositivity


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I noticed on her Instagram Ellie Polly had congratulated her, Beggy hasn't commented or liked the comment, yet she's acknowledged others. They follow each other, yet when Ellies number game was released and sold out in hours, Beggy didn't congratulate her. For all Beggy preaching about women supporting other women, I honestly think she's jealous of other more successful women. Ellie is successful as a mummy vlogger, she designed and now sells a successful number game for pre school children, whilst also working as a primary school teacher and looking after her son whilst her partner mostly works away. What exactly does Beggy offer with any of her vlogs apart from comedy value because of how poor the content is
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