PTWM #105 where have private posts about my kids gone? £5 a month to join my Patreon

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Yet another banging thread title from biggest troll around @Lucyinthesky88 I've ordered some MDF panelling and a death trap log burner for you babe! Edited to fit, the full version was:
"Wanna know where all the private posts about my kids have gone?
Send me a fiver a month and I’ll show you on Patreon"

Last thread recap:
- Still a cunt.
- she doesn't work either full or part time, and can't be arsed to parent her kids and step kids.
- For a change, Wilby was allowed to eat some real food from Josh's plate. Not a doughnut in sight! Joyce is still unable to talk or interact with his own son, but feeding him is an improvement.
- continuation of her dots of doom that she didn't have time to post the other day. Riveting content about the bloke who collects her rubbish (no confirmation on whether it's Hermes Kevin in his other job, or another lush bloke that she wants to be her dad). She revealed that she was getting rid of a telly (obviously making way for the brand new, gifted Sky Glass one). Didn't you just ask for a donation for one of your warriors the other day? There's "so much" rubbish, how wasteful can one family be? Hermes Kevin only took a load a couple of weeks ago 🤷 Apparently Jo holds all the money, and Raq has to ask every time she wants anything (does that cover the ugly padded scarf thing I wonder?). There's a Christmas campaign coming for the launderette, no doubt the huns will be falling over themselves to throw their money at her 🙄 of course Emily is doing all the actual work while Racquelle takes all the credit. She wants the kids to have meaningful gifts instead of shit (top tip Rancho - fluffy clouds like you sent to Warrington Women's Aid that time are NOT useful or meaningful, hope that helps).
- Soft play with Wilbert and Sloshy the full time key worker who has no annual leave left 🤥 Wilbert wanted to build towers, Josh helped him but didn't say a word to the poor lad. Then it was back to the murder mansion and eating crisps with Wilby on the kitchen floor. Again, Mangina Malcolm didn't talk or interact with him 😔 more block building, Josh actually managed to speak to Wibble, but neither parent seemed to notice when W appeared to be trying to say Daddy or Dada.
- the latest plug for the Patreon includes a promise of seeing Winston with some clean washing that fell on him. Are people really paying for this shit?
- she came on wearing a shitshow jumper, stating it's not an ad but she's labelling it as an ad so knobheads don't complain (even though it is actually an ad). Then she went into a looooong ramble about some elf on the shelf ideas pack that her mates at Porky Penguin are flogging. Seems like a massive waste of money when you can just, oh I don't know, use google, Pinterest, one of the many Facebook and Instagram pages where people share ideas 🤷 at the end she had to show her email to prove that she ordered and paid for it, moaned about people reporting her to the ASA for undeclared ads, and told "Lucy and friends" to have a lush day. We will, thanks!
- Racquetball and PC Titwank (who works full time and has no annual leave left, but doesn't seem to have been to work at all this week) took Wibbly to a trampoline park.
- Toothy Tina did an ad for a photo book, which she's getting one each for all the kids of (because she never had any photos when she was a kid because her mum left when she was 4 but she doesn't like to talk about it). It was basically a collection of photos that she's already posted on her Instagram, mostly of herself and Joyce, and the kids she's birthed, with Seb and Isaac added in as an afterthought. She did commemorate that time Seb had a broken arm and she neglected to take him to hospital for a week. Happy times 💜
- the Hambleton-Marshall-etc clan got a visit from Racket's family from Manchester. The lucky lot were treated to a guided tour of Joyce's aviary. All the way from Manchester to Paignton, and they didn't hang around for long, then Rancid missed them so much when they left that she had to go out for a walk (has she mentioned the beach is only 2 minutes away?). Only with Wilby though, they can't possibly be expected to parent too many of their kids at once. Joyce has gone from uninterested in any of the kids, to attentive dad overnight.
- Racquelle did one of her most ridiculous adverts yet, a massive promo for Very featuring loads of toys, unfortunately most of them were not suitable for her kids - such as Edie showing a big make up kit, Isaac playing with toy cars, and a Monopoly set (from the family who can barely stand to be in the same room for any length of time). In a disgusting display of entitlement and greed, all the toys were opened and played with, all while Raq is pushing Very as a great place to buy gifts (without acknowledging that many of her followers won't be able to afford these toys outright, and may well get themselves into trouble with buying things on credit and not being able to pay it back). A Tattler added up the amount of toys that Rancho was showing, and the total was well in excess of £1000.
- Grabby Glenda got sent a load of free cakes, brownies and cookies, which she said she'd take to the women's centre to give to "all the women". Down at the launderette, Emily played with Wilbert while Racquelle sat on her arse snorting and filming. Surely even she can see how different W is when someone is interacting with him properly? Then Emily must have had to do some actual work, because Ratshit took a photo of Wilby slumped on the floor looking at a phone with Edie (who should have been at school). Then it was a trip to the park, with the usual footage of Wilbert running around. After that Wilby had a screaming fit when it was time to go, which we all know about because her phone "accidentally" managed to record him (just like that time she "accidentally" filmed herself with a thread off his clothes stuck in her braces). Did she "accidentally" watch it back, add some text and post it as well?
- someone asked on the Patreon how Mangina Malcolm cooks a roast, so he talked us through it (in the most monotone voice ever, he doesn't have a future as a TV chef). Ratchet said "let's have a look at your pork", no thanks hun, nobody wants to see his mini cocktail sausage 🤢
- Raq seems to have swapped the ridiculous headbands she used to wear for putting up half her hair with a massive, ugly scrunchie. Still not a good look 😬
- Just days after the sickening display of freebie toys that her kids won't play with to plug Very and their awful credit system, Rancho plugged a giving tree service in Hartlepool to give gifts for those in need.
- Another fascinating snippet from the Patreon podcast with Ben the Bellend. An exciting discussion about words they hate. Then a story from Racquet about how she managed to run over 3 pumpkins and a glass lantern on the pavement near her drive. Then a totally hilarious anecdote about Ben approaching her car on the school run, but shr accidentally opened the back window instead of the front one. Honestly, she needs an entertainment award for this absolute quality content.
- yet again someone asked a question on the Patreon and Ranch answered it on her main page (worth paying for? Doubt it!). This time it was about Seb and when he will get his phone back. She answered by filming Josh telling Seb that he would take the phone off him at 10.30, and have the password so he can carry out "random inspections". Joyce, the kid is nearly 16, let him have some fucking privacy. Also, maybe stop speaking to him like he's something you've stepped in, and he might start showing you a bit of respect.
- She shared a badly written, gushing review of the centre. A Tattler was disgusted to find that it was a professional from their GP surgery who had written it 😬 probably a mate of Raq, or a mega-hun.
- Then there was some more footage of what should have been a private moment, with Joyce filling in a form detailing what Wilby can and cannot do (experienced Tattlers believe that this may be related to an assessment for autism, and have confirmed that this is a difficult, emotional process. One not usually filmed for Instagram content). Raq's caption noted that W appears to be missing every milestone, despite her being "trained in diagnosis for 18 years" as she previously claimed. Then a follower sent a creepy passport style page they had made, including "what is important to me, how you can support me, I can, my favourite things are, and what people admire about me". A pretty long list of things from someone who has never met him 😬 Rancho doesn't mind though, because the person is lush 🤷 Then came a list of "downs" including "likes routine". Maybe if his selfish cunt parents didn't abandon him to run off and act like teenagers in hotels every week or so, he might feel more settled 🤷
- oooh some CCTV footage of Seb and Lula arguing over who sits in the front. I thought they all made their own way to school now and she only had to drop Edie off?
- some texts from Seb, saying he wants to learn carpentry and barbering. Perfectly acceptable career choices, but of course wicked stepmother Raquel took the piss.
- then she's on the beg for a marquee for a street party. Who has a street party in December? Village idiot Jordan of course!
- over on the home account (which is largely neglected), she did a talk through of the lounge, which will be dusky pink. She made sure that Winston was shown in the videos after Tattlers noted that the dogs hadn't been seen in a while. She also said that the toys from the Very ad were boxed up ready to go to the launderette and be given out, I'm sure the kids will be so grateful to have things that have already been taken out and played with!
- She did an advert for Look Fantastic, showing off things she's bought as presents for people but again, taking things out of the boxes and even poking an eyeshadow with her finger (but it's ok, it's for a family member so they won't mind!).
- Another mention of Wilby's "patronising" clap. Rach hun, he's 2, he doesn't know how to be patronising. How about just enjoying that he's showing he's happy and interested?
- Rancid put up a beg post asking for an oven for a "mum who has no cooking facilities", lo and behold some hun stepped up and ordered a new one 🙄 Raychaellleee, isn't this the sort of thing you asked for PayPal donations for? Or more recently, Patreon subscriptions? Or told your followers your ad money was going towards? You massive cunt.
- As a Tattler mentioned we hadn't heard much about Betsy's driving, we were treated to a thrilling video of her adjusting her seat.
- Ratchet is now using the patchwork shithouse to film her adverts. How lush for all the millions of vulnerable women queueing up outside to do their washing and get a free coffee that can't get in because she's busy on the sofa flogging something she never uses.
- Another plug for the fucking Patreon account, with some dull as fuck conversation with Emily at the launderette.
- Dream team Rancid and Joyce are obviously off to Bristol soon as she's asking for restaurant recommendations.
- She's pretending to have got together with Joyce in 2014, when she's previously said that he did all night feeds for Edie, who was born in 2013 🤥
- and her latest troll rant is pretending they've reported her log burner. Hun, no-one is interested in your log burner 🤷

If you are new, please read the wiki (pink button at the top) and if you are in need of support or advice in relation to domestic abuse, there are some links and helplines listed at the bottom of the wiki page


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I think your right. What’s sad and pathetic about all this is why do they feel the need in sharing these messages in the first place. No one cares.
I agree, its like when u have 2 people laughing hysterically at a joke because they were the only 2 people there and no one else finds it funny.
Same with all these messages, no else knows what the fuck they are on about because they are outsiders. Its boring as fuck and the most mundane pointless shit, just like Rs conversations with bellend Ben 😴😴


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No but remember its one of her paid crew / small circle besties job to read the msgs here and report back because she promised her husband she would never ever read here again. Hey there 👋 how does it feel working for a low life scamming fraud? You're just as bad as she is. Hope shes paying you well cos the Ads wont last forever 💜 wonder which bestie it is? My moneys on PA Jo. Tell her to get a story of Stabby up quick 🤣
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