O’Donnell sisters #13 If your Tattle thread is dead, so is your 'career'

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Please, if any of you are ever feeling like you can’t live up to the ridiculous standards set on instagram, just remember it’s all fake, even the influencers can’t reach their own standard they’ve set. This isn’t just down to good angles, this is facetune. They are COMPLETELY different people to who they portray online. At this point the signs of photoshop should be taught at schools, as many people, especially men, still can’t tell the difference and believe all women can achieve this. Takes about 2 years of heavy weights, eating a lot of protein, and the right genetics to build a ‘big’ bum so if an influencer has suddenly gone from an average body to a big bum with a tiny waist, it’s either a bbl or photoshop, and we all know which one Daisey chose.


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