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Wow absolutely shocked at this! SO much respect. I bloody love her.
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So glad this thread has been made!
Didn’t see it coming AT all!
Can’t believe she was being blackmailed - some disgusting people out there!

What a lovely, lovely video. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜
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wow i am so shocked! the video is so brave can't believe there are still people out there who would use this to blackmail. It 100% will never think of her any differently than i ever did
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Totally thought she was coming out as gay which is awkward because isn’t she engaged.
at least this doesn’t mess up the wedding plans!!
I like her.
can understand how difficult it must have been to press upload on that.
Credit to her and to her mom who sounds fab.
its tit she’s been forced to explain her background, but she’s blessed she had so many strong people and teachers behind her as she grew up.
So many don’t have that.

What's happened? I can't watch right now.
she’s transgender
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I’ve been watching her for years. She seems genuinely nice. I’m happy she’s able to be open, but it’s a shame she felt forced into coming out.
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When I saw the title I assumed she was bi, I’m so shocked! But so disgusted that people would use that as blackmail.
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OMG! Would never have even crossed my mind! She’s amazing! I really like her and admire her doing this video!
On another note, how majorly different does she actually look now compared to her first lot of videos. She literally looks like a different person!!
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I’m really shocked right now, but also super happy for her. Whoever blackmailed her is a disgusting POS though.
Edit: she said that her and Dylan were working through it and dealing with it. So did he just find out?
It’s crazy that she’s so well known and it never came out before. Awful that someone forced her hand now.
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Wow I honestly had no idea. What a brave video to post but so sad for her that she’s been forced to do this. No one should have to come out like that until they are ready. Whoever blackmailed her, well it backfired. She’ll get the love and support she deserves.
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I had absolutely no idea, never would have guessed! The fact that shes been blackmailed is disgusting and I'm glad she gave a big duck you to those arse holes.
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