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No surprise there at all. Lots of scope for ‘influencers’ to use Caroline Flack’s death in this way which is disgraceful IMO.
Already seen lots of them posting “be kind you never know what goes on behind the squares” blah blah blah messages. I’m not belittling mental health but just hate the way they use it to attack those that call them out on crap behaviour.


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There's that old saying...... Money talks, class whispers...... Just because you can afford to buy something and just because its high fashion doesn't mean you should rush out and get it.

It all makes sense now why she constantly wears clothes too big and outfits that just don't suit her frame, she's obviously trying to compete with the woman on the left.......


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If my friend went out in socks and sandals I’d be in actual hysterics !
has anyone told this poor women that she’s actually middle aged and unfortunately she looks utterly ridiculous.
You see I do quite like the socks and sandals thing! 😬 I know it’s very marmite and awfully ‘fashun’ 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 I think as you get older though it should definitely not be paired with a minidress, a midi or jeans would have been better IMHO.