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Has anyone watched this? I started watching it last night and 4 episodes down. It’s all a bit unrealistic but I suppose that’s reality tv for you. I’m just super intrigued to see how the couples pan out over the series. I’m wondering if they will be able to mingle with the other people and get to know the person they didn’t pick because I could see that causing some heads to turn.

Sarah honeysuckle

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I don’t think Barnett will. His fiancé (I am useless with remembering all their names!) seems like a live wire and bit too wreckless for him. The face she has no job and has debt which she’s avoiding screams in it for the money and wanting a wealthy husband so she can have the stay at home mum.


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Ok so I watched two and a bit episodes last night and by the end of them I was like o_O sooo trashy but also addictive. I get the point they're making with the show but it's ruined by how fake and set up it seems.
All I can say about Jessica is wow.. she called Barnett out but she was also kind of doing the same with him and Mark. Interested to see what happens throughout the series with the couples though.
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