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  1. Oohthedrama

    Ginny and Georgia - Netflix Original

    Watched this by accident 😂 Actually enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, I’m not into teens “finding their way” drama but I liked the mix of both their stories. Both mum and daughter. Anyone else watched it?
  2. rainbowlemon

    The glory (Netflix)

    Anyone else watched this? One character i'm cheering on. Looking forward to part two.
  3. Fruitjack

    Kaleidoscope (Netflix)

    Has anyone seen this? It’s quite an interesting premise, the episodes aren’t in order! They’re all called colours, and you can watch them in any order you like, but they all portray different events leading up to a heist. I’ve just let Netflix pick the order for me and I’ve only seen 2 so far...
  4. E

    Liberated - Netflix

    Anyone else watch this? A lot of it was really interesting (shocking at times) but some of it just seemed really backward to me. Things like "as women we want to be treasured, be beautiful" etc, and the whole idea that it seems like women never want casual sex without love, very weird overall
  5. M

    The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker- Netflix

    Anybody else watched this?
  6. Caramel Latte

    Kaleidoscope - Netflix

    Anyone else disappointed with the ending aka white episode? I feel like i have wasted my time 👀
  7. E

    The Teacher - Netflix

    Has anyone else watched this? I binged it in one go. Quite enjoyed it and had a really good cast. Wasn’t sure who was against her until the very end it could’ve been any of them to be fair.
  8. LowCalCalzoneZone

    Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery - Netflix

    Any thoughts about these films? I'm a bit of a murder mystery nut, and these are quite interesting takes, if a bit smug I think. I enjoyed this more than the first one, but it was way too long
  9. M

    The Recruit - Netflix

    Anyone else watching this? The tone is a bit all over the place, and the lead guy is both endearing and annoying but a few episodes in and I am enjoying it despite its flaws
  10. Yel

    Harry & Meghan - Netflix

    Maybe the last thing the world needs is another royal thread, but thought it might be an idea to set one up here just for the TV show for those that don't post on the others. Part 1,2,3 8th Dec Part 4,5,6 15th Dec A quick reminder that on tattle we agree to disagree and move on, it's not...
  11. Impleo

    Wednesday - Netflix

    Wednesday (Addams Family) 'While attending Nevermore Academy, Wednesday Addams attempts to master her emerging psychic ability, thwart a killing spree and solve the mystery that embroiled her parents 25 years ago' Saw someone online describe it as a 'good spin-off to a childhood classic' and...
  12. hehehe

    1899 - Netflix

    Thread to discuss. 2 episodes in - not sure if this is good yet. It's a bit hammy with one-dimensional uninteresting characters so far that are definitely not typical of the year it's supposedly set in (or maybe just bad acting?) Everyone just walks around staring moodily and angrily with no...
  13. no-no

    Killer Sally - Netflix

    Watched it this evening, what did everyone else think?
  14. hehehe

    Love is Blind #2

    Old thread here Carry on.
  15. WeepingCassandra

    The Mole - Netflix

    Anyone else watching this? Has to be the most infuriating show in the world - between the edits and the pure snake behaviours of the competitors!
  16. M

    Our Father - Netflix

    Oh my word, has anyone else watched this?? A fertility doctor in the US using his own spent to inseminate women without their knowledge…there are currently 94 known children and yet there is no federal law. It’s sickening and my heart breaks for these families. I cannot believe he hasn’t...
  17. hol20x

    The Watcher - Netflix

    New on Netflix today, I'm two episodes in. Enjoying it so far. m
  18. P

    Help - Netflix

    Has anyone watched this? About a carehome in Liverpool during the height of COVID, my god is it emotional. Jodie Comer is outstanding! As is Stephen Graham
  19. C

    The Empress - Netflix

    I accidentally clicked this on but am really enjoying. My only complaint is being set in Austria with British accents.
  20. Caffeine Fiend

    Dahmer - Netflix

    Just dropped, is anyone watching it? They have cast Evan Peters perfectly from what Ive watched so far.
  21. Tublet83

    Do Revenge - Netflix

    Anyone seen it? I loved it! Loved all the 90’s touches. All though they were all far too old to be high school seniors 😂
  22. O

    Heartbreak High - Netflix

    Has anyone watched this? I binged it the last few days and have questions!
  23. hehehe

    Echoes (Netflix)

    I'm on episode 2 and scratching my head. I don't know how long I can stay interested, the lead isn't a great actress and the characters are annoying. I dunno who's who between Leni and Gina. Anyone else hate-watching?
  24. Hamburglar

    Selling Sunset #3

    New thread. Searched back a few pages on most liked but couldn’t see any title suggestions but this is pretty self explanatory. Old thread here:
  25. wafflesnwings

    Netflix: Wednesday

    I've just seen the trailer for Wednesday and was wondering what everyone thought of it, the casting, potential storylines and if there are any other Addams Family fans out there?
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