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  1. Hope96

    Baby Reindeer Netflix series

    I thought I would start a thread for this show which is based on a true story of comedian Richard Gadd's expedience with a stalker. I'm about half way through the first episode and I feel uncomfortable! Here is a good article about his experience and conversation about the show. From what I...
  2. Milliemoo99

    The Scoop Netflix

    Watched this last night. Its strangely surreal. I didnt watch the original interview, as I wasnt that interested in Prince Andrew, but was aware of all the memes. But im still bemused about a TV recreation of a documentary that was only on few years ago, 5 to be exact. and the original is...
  3. Mark81

    Scoop - Netflix

    This is brilliant, really enjoyed it. Also loved the subtle dropping of Bill Clinton's name throughout.
  4. Mark81

    Nicholas Galitzine & Taylor Zakhar Perez #1 - Red, White & Tattle Loves You

    Welcome to the first official Nicholas and Taylor thread! A follow up to the popular/thirsty Red, White & Royal Blue thread in the TV and Film section. We fell in love with Nicholas and Taylor in the Amazon Prime movie Red, White and Royal Blue. We were hooked on their charm, acting talent and...
  5. Cindy-Lou Who

    The Program - Netflix

    Has anyone watched this? I’ve just finished it on Netflix and cannot believe what I’ve seen. The lady singing at the end gave me goosebumps!
  6. Baconbutties

    One Day - Netflix Series

    Anyone else watched this? Binged watched it all today and it's truly wonderful. Read the book years ago. Totally nostalgic and loved it all. Great soundtrack as well. Beats the film hands down.
  7. sleepingpanda

    Gilmore Girls - Netflix

    Okay so I can’t see to find a thread for Gilmore Girls and this is one of my favourite shows so thought I’d see if anyone else out there likes it?
  8. Hope96

    Netflix - Fool Me Once

    Another Harlan Corben adaptation that has been released today. Main cast: Michelle Keegan Richard Armitage Adeel Akhtar Joanna Lumley Emmett J. Scanlan Dino Fetscher I've just started it so no thoughts so far but hoping Michelle's acting is better than her performance in the BBC show...
  9. Jane Tee

    Robbie Williams Netflix

    Just binged watched it. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Robbie looks great, aging quite naturally it appears. Such a contrast to primped and preened Beckham. Seems to be happy now with his wife and kids.
  10. Bagpuss20

    Bodies- Netflix drama

    Anybody else watching this? A crime drama where the same dead body is found in London across 4 time eras- 1890, 1940s , modern day and future. Stephen Graham is the headline name in this.
  11. Crumpet41

    Love is Blind 5 - Netflix

    Anyone else watching? What are your thoughts?
  12. GossWhore

    Beckham - Netflix

    Will be watching tomorrow
  13. MrsPiggleWiggle

    Jill Dando Netflix

    I haven't seen the Jill Dando documentary yet but it's a well known case and I thought we could maybe have a discussion about it. Do we think Barry George is her murderer? Or are you buying into the conspiracy theories etc.?
  14. What's your point

    Obsession - Netflix

    Hi has anyone seen this yet? I binge watched it yesterday and I am not going to lie some of the scenes had me a little 👀. Took me ages to figure out that the main female character was played by the actress who played Anne Gallagher in Happy Valley. Richard Armitage is in it also.
  15. veevee04

    Painkiller Netflix

    I'd already seen dopesick on Disney plus now this. I can't believe pharmaceutical companies were allowed to make billions off turning people into oxycontin addicts , many who started taking it because of pain. Legitimately prescribed. The Sackler family and purdue pharma need to rot in hell...
  16. R

    Glamorous - Netflix

    Anyone watching this? I've stuck it on for something brainless to watch. Only on ep 1 but find the main character a bit annoying and ridiculous I can see how they got Kim Cattrall to do it - a massive ego stroke for her playing a businesswoman/ former model/ boss bitch. Don't get me wrong she...
  17. W

    Take Care Of Maya - Netflix

    Anyone watched this? Thoughts? I was convinced her mum was dodgy at the start until it all came out. It reminded me of the movie ‘Run’. Heartbreaking story.
  18. Mark81

    Outer Banks, Netflix

    Anyone else watch this? I couldn't get into it when it first came out buy tried again and quite like it in a mindless way. North Caroline and the Caribbean look great and I like the treasure hunt element instead of the standard teen drama stuff.
  19. rainbowlemon

    Anna Nicole Smith You don't know me (Netflix)

    Just past the music award presentation and I just feel sorry for her. They sure do like to build them and watch them burn down. --- Her son
  20. hehehe

    Love is Blind #3

    Old thread here 💙
  21. purpleaubergine

    Obsession - Netflix

    What do we think? Binge watched it all last night…. Very disturbing 🙄 not sure what my thoughts are 🫣
  22. Impleo

    Beef - Netflix

    Don't let the title put you off, best thing I've watched in a long time. The acting is incredible, especially from the lead female character. I've never seen someone so expressive in the way they perform. I'm still not at the end yet but it has me gripped. Perfect mix of emotion, suspense and...
  23. Mark81

    Singles Inferno - Netflix

    Just started season 1 of this. I hate Love Island and the majority of reality TV but there is just something calm and sweet about it, although there are watered down versions of the usual reality TV 'drama'. Also the cultural differences between Korea and the usa/UK adds level of interest I do...
  24. JulieScoobyDoo

    Outlast -- Netflix reality show

    People on the Traitors thread were asking for a thread for this show, here you go
  25. NerdyCat73

    Luther Film - Netflix

    Hi All Couldn’t find a thread for this new Luther film on Netflix. Luther: The Fallen Sun. As a fan of the TV Series I couldn’t wait for this film. I wasn’t disappointed. The ending I feel leaves it open for another film or new series. What did everyone else think?