Jack Monroe #130 Or, more likely it just didn’t happen

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If he doesn't come to heel like she's ordering him to right now in that racist tone of voice, she'll be gunning for him by the morning.
I'm glad it's not just me who picked up on that. Racism is a horrible thing and I really don't like to bandy accusations like that about. So I'll just say that
if you're white and habitually fawn embarrassingly over white blue ticks, barking orders at a black man who has achieved far more than you ever will does look rather dodgy. In fairness I expect it's her jealousy finally coming to the surface but nevertheless a very bad look.


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I see Monroe is still trying to profit off FSM debate. She’s vile.

I live in a deprived area, go for a walk and there’s at least four unofficial food collection points (i.e. non-foodbanks) within 1/2 mile along with umpteen businesses and individuals donating food. This isn’t isolated to my area. Why does she think the impoverished are all waiting with baited breath for a compiled list off some crab in Southend (if she’s still there, I don’t follow as much these days). “FYI Marcus” 😂 F*CK OFF.

She sooo wants in on the govt gravy train she claims to hate. Minister of compiled lists for teh poor peoples. That reminds me, the Cotswolds Co winter furniture sale ends today.


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Her tweet to Marcus Rashford just really highlights her utter ineptitude. He has a proven track record when it comes to making a difference for vulnerable people, while she incessantly retweets "potatoes" and believes that passes for activism.

He has set up a task force which will hopefully mean that changes to the school lunch boxes can be made quickly. She's behaving like a shrieking spanner on twitter trying to instigate pile ons that achieve literally fuck all.

Just go to bed ffs.


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Yeah but the novelty soon wears off for her that's what you have to think, before long she will see something else shiny that she can hook her anchor to.

Look at poor THUNDERCLAP that didnt even last a week!
Sometimes I need to brag...I gave the thunderclap 2 days...I have not cross-checked with the receipts but I don't think her mentioning it did hardly exceed 2 days.
I am absolutely aghast at her use of black American vernacular in Tweets to Marcus Rashford. Is she completely lost?? I’m so disgusted, I can’t even process the many ways in which she is offensive in doing that.... flabbergasted

Can somebody C&P another version of it on this thread for posterity? Seems like an appropriate thing to end the thread on.
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