Brands that you're avoiding due to involvment with infuencers

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Just a quick thread for people to say what brands are on their tit list for working with influencers. It's really helping me reduce my expenditure and be more sustainable.

Next, due to Mrs Meldrums constant ADs for free next day delivery.

Sainsbury's, for sponsoring poppy deyes and her god awful blog.

LG, after their brand deal with alfie deyes to sponsor their TVs. Cancelled my pre-ordered TV.
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The White Company.
Jo Malone.
Jojo Maman Bebe.

All the scummy mummies get gifted from these companies.
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Boden - Due to them giving Mrs Meldrum numerous freebies.
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Bobbi Brown, Next & Elemis again Mrs Meldrum

I will lose my tit if Anthropologie gift her the headband she's hinting for. I'm glad Zara didn't gift anything after her dropping not so subtle hints.
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Motel Rocks - Some nice stuff. I bought a couple of dresses from them many, many moons ago. Highly overpriced for what it is though, but I guess that was so they could afford to take Saffron Barker to Miami (other people too but Saffron is my bugbear). 🙃
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JD seasonings. I probably wouldn’t have touched them anyway, as they’re just overpriced spices. But seeing them all day every day on my IG feed was enough for me!
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I aspire to avoid Nails Inc because they always send Zoella stuff. Girl doesn't even paint her own nails!! 😡

However, they are my favourite nail brand of all-time and I am failing miserably.
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I aspire to avoid Nails Inc because they always send Zoella stuff. Girl doesn't even paint her own nails!! 😡

However, they are my favourite nail brand of all-time and I am failing miserably.
They also send Gabriella/velvet ghost stuff too.
Nails Inc are fab, but if you want an alternative try OPI, Barry M and China Glaze 😊
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Joules, whitestuff, Joanie, bloom and wilde, Bobby brown, Elemis, Olay, hello fresh, oh there are so many!
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Pretty much anything hinch shoves in my face.
I've switched from zoflora to Dettol, and I'd sing using zoflora for years 🤬

And hello fresh and gousto.
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I’m not loaded but if I was I’d avoid like the plague:

Hill and Friends
Grensons boots
Hello Fresh
Charlotte bleedin’ Tilbury
Herringbone Kitchens.
Chewton bloody Glen.

That’s it for now 😆
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Gleam, give it a rest. Nope.
And I agree with @OhhBacon those DW watches are everywhere.
- I HATE the fact ASOS are “gifting” hauls and have providing the purchases for most of the “my husband/boyfriend/rabbit does my ASOS haul” uploads.
- I really don’t like Charlotte Tilbury, L’Oréal, Elizabeth Arden or Liz Earle because of their connection to influencers.
- zoflora, I’m convinced it sending people bat tit crazy. WASH YOUR DAMN SHEETS. 🙄
- BUT Things I will actively avoid,
I won’t buy LUSH or THE BODY SHOP anymore but especially Lush,
the consumer has taken the brunt of their huge price increases and the influencers are receiving more and more extravagant PR drops.
soap and glory is nasty anyway (imo 😬) but even if I liked it I wouldn’t be buying it. I’m petty af.

But more than anything.
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Yes this ! . I’m actually rather peeved that I used to spend a fortune on certain brands and these influencers get them free.
As for zoflora mum used to send me to the shops with a list and this was on it. I’ve used it for years and all of a sudden ‘someone ‘tells grown ups how to clean and it’s always sold out.
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Made by Yasmin
Soul Candles
Iconic Lights
Tanya White Bits
- All Beckyhomesweethomeaccount 🖕🏻🤮
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Jo Malone
Princess Planning
JD Seasonings
Sarah's Creative Kitchen (had some of their chocolate discs once as part of a prize I won and I have NO IDEA how she gets away charging so much for reshaped advent calendar chocolate)
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JD Seasonings, Spicentice (I used to buy from both of those two), Jo Malone, Sarah's Creative kitchen (it actually bloomed, and wasn't that nice when I fell for the advert), Princess Planning, Bloom & Wild, Beanies coffee flavours, Skinny Syrup, Degustabox, Hello Fresh. Absolutely sick of adverts now, and have started unfollowing the accounts who are relentless with the Ads.
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