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View attachment 795134 Apparently Ashy and Sammy are still friends?
I don’t know, I feel like Steve has threatened Sammy in some way not to speak the truth concerning their (Ashy/Sammy) relationship. So it’s easier to just yes the internet to death than have to go into specifics. And if in fact Sammy is hanging out with Emily, that’s definitely an issue as Steve and fam did her (Emily) really wrong.


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Isn't it crazy all those people that bought active ware gets clothing and Ashy gets a massive tax write off and a refund for majority of it? Crazy!!!!
I don’t think Ashy owns Baseline so it’s nothing to her.

Anyone seen her latest post… she was asked to join 3 tv shows… umm ok Ashy 😂
I thought the same! All this talk of other influencers being asked to go on shows, I think she’s just trying to stay relevant and seem popular.
that ship sailed many moons ago love.
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