Abbie Blyth

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I get what she’s saying about not wanting to promote plastic surgery as the norm for impressionable girls who follow her. Like she got them done for her own reasons but it doesn’t mean that it’ll be the right thing for everyone. I think it’s a much healthier way to address it than the ‘do whatever makes you feel confident even if it’s dangerous, life altering surgery 😚✌‘ mob, which is so damaging imo. Not sure I believe she only had a lift and not implants though 🤔


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I looked into a lift for myself and I’m sure it said it involved implants? I didn’t look much due to cost 🤣🤣🤣

If she does want to talk about it then I think one positive slant is that she didn’t get Turkey Tits. She went safe, professional, someone with a good rep. Important to talk about that because I’ve seen a couple of horror stories from influencers themselves about work done in Turkey (some people obviously have a great time too)
Just watched her ITS vlog so I could see what she said about her boobs, was really quite angry with what she said. So she’s not going to make it a big thing because she doesn’t want to influence younger girls to get surgery, so she’ll just mislead them to make them think that’s natural instead? Come on Abbie, as someone who’s self esteem has been impacted by the internet so much you’d think she’d know better


She doesn't wnat to address the boobs because it's surgery but she banged on about getting ears pinned back, bet if she got that wee creepy lug pinned back she would plastered it all over social media but that's cause that's a insecurity of hers the boob job was for Lee and she not happy with it, if u hated ur natural boobs u would wore a bra to hide them not have the nips out in every picture 😅


I think this is her. What I cannot understand is why if you feel your boobs are that saggy you would wonder round with no bra on all the time

I think she would have suited tear drop implants rather than round fem bot ones but maybe that’s the look she wanted.
I agree, the after looks a lot like her with her hair etc and they look great! Odd how they look so much more perky in that photo than on her insta though! And I never realised they were as low lying as that before tbf! No shade as her before is pretty similar to me now! Haha. Must be awful having a bf like that who wants you to change yourself. A relationship based on looks will never last!


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They will still need to drop a lot, when you get surgery they always are swollen and sit high for a good few weeks then drop steadily over time. I think in a few months they will look so natural and she seems so much more confident since she has had them done!
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