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Thomas Michael Fletcher (born 17 July 1985) is an English musician, singer, composer, author and YouTube vlogger. He is one of the lead vocalists and rhythm guitarist of English pop rock band McFly, in addition to being the group's founder. He originally auditioned and was accepted into the band Busted before losing out on the place after the record label Island decided the band should be a trio rather than a four-piece. However, he still carried on writing with the band. In his thirteen-year career as a professional songwriter, Fletcher has penned ten UK number one singles and twenty-one top ten singles. He is credited as having written songs for One Direction, Busted, the Vamps and 5 Seconds of Summer.

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  1. TriviaNewtonJohn

    Tom and Giovanna Fletcher #8 she had some kids and promotes some coats

    Finally a new Tom and Giovanna thread! Since Strictly moved on from Tom & Amy this thread has been quiet but it's all go now with child bands, coats and relatable content from our fave downtrodden parents. Thread title by @lollipop89 who was justifying Gi's honourary degree. Any other stuff...
  2. L

    Tom and Giovanna Fletcher #7 Forced grins and M&S gins

    Thank you to @onasidequest for the thread name!
  3. Saddlesoap

    Tom and Giovanna Fletcher #6 and Amy makes three

    Don't think there's much recap required. Amy is still hanging around.
  4. Mrs Cucumber

    Tom and Giovanna Fletcher #5 and Amy..

    Thread title by @scrag Previous thread here:
  5. Mrs Cucumber

    Tom and Giovanna Fletcher #4 how furlough can they go?

    thread title by @TriviaNewtonJohn with 136 votes! Last thread:
  6. TriviaNewtonJohn

    Tom and Giovanna Fletcher #3 Jordan North should’ve won.

    New thread title by @Kitt Says it all really - she is the reigning Queen of the Castle and the couple are posting a lot of content including their kids. Any more recaps welcome please!
  7. S

    Tom & Giovanna Fletcher #2 We’re a bore, we sleep on the floor, gimme more more more (money)

    Thanks to @Eenymeenyminymo for the thread title.
  8. P

    Tom and Giovanna Fletcher

    She's "written" several books and always is in the mummy mags. But on youtube shes only got 180k subs and only gets 40k views a video. She thinks she's a much bigger deal than she actaully is. 1 million followers on inst, but very low comments and engagement. She bought followers?