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  1. Q

    The 2 Johnnies #6 Interviewing only fans girls for clout, but did ye hear? Maura choked a lad out!

    Thanks to @pommynoir for the thread suggestion, this one seemed to be the one with the most likes☺️ Continue on here…
  2. Q

    The 2 Johnnies #5 the boys are doing well, it’s a shame JB got caught riding in a pub in Clonmel

    New thread continue here… I hope they haven’t written a song about themselves and called it “small town heroes” thanks @jazzbot for the thread suggestion but it wouldn’t let me put in “a pub in Clonmel” at the end. So we had to just deal with it😂 Recap: - Maura needs replaced, however, from...
  3. P

    The 2 Johnnies #4 Operation replace Maura

    Please continue on 😁 made a new thread because we were near on 1000 comments 😊 feel free to change the title if you wish haha! I think they could defo just get a person that isn’t an influencer. I agree that Lauren Guilfoyle would be no craic, I just find her very bland🤷‍♀️
  4. N

    The 2 Johnnies #3 They say the devil works hard but niamh works harder

    Hi new thread for the Two Johnnies and the infamous catfishing saga Whoever suggested this title, make yourself known so you can bask in the glory
  5. pommynoir

    The 2 Johnnies #2 Four funerals and a diabetic coma

    Thread title courtesy of @newaccount2022 Carry on discussing the biggest scandal since Nadine Coyle lost her passport.
  6. comment on life

    The 2 Johnnies The GAA Catfish

    There may be no demand for a 2 Johnnies thread at all but has anyone listened to the GAA catfish story on last week's podcast?! Absolute insanity!