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  1. B

    Suzanne Burke #5 She's either drunk in the shed or all day in bed, but how can it be she's still 43 ??

    New thread. Thanks to @Wexy123 for the most liked suggestion. If anyone wants to do a recap please do ☺️ --- So sorry - I forgot to link this to the last thread... can ye tag each other please and let them know - thanks 👍
  2. pommynoir

    Suzanne Burke #4 BA for BPerfect looking like a clown, wearing grannies best cardi for a lunch date up town

    New thread. recap: - had a tummy tuck with avoca on a collab, something went wrong that she doesn’t want to talk about, deleted all her posts and has now said she is not affiliated with them at all - bought a log cabin (with her savings, definitely not Mar-hin’s) and is filling it with crap...
  3. Turmeric123

    Suzanne Burke #3 Granny who thinks she’s 22. A collab with avoca to make her good as new

    Prwvious thread Recap: Wait til i tell ya Suzanne is still mad craic girls and it could only happen to her Marhin still most patient man in Ireland Suffya and Norman Bates are just as much craic And her trip...
  4. doawheelie

    Suzanne Burke @morethanjustama #2

    There were no thread suggestions but needed a new thread 🤗
  5. R

    Suzanne Burke @morethanjustama

    Been looking for a thread on her for ages lol. Anybody know what happened with her and the MOAM admin?