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Styled by Susie is a service where people pay £70 to have their body analysed. However some users have felt they were given a copy and paste with bad advice.
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  1. Diagoras20

    Styled By Susie #4 Buyer beware, are you sure you’re an autumn pear?

    Thanks and congrats to @Combineharvestt for your thread title! Can someone help me recap the last thread please? We had reports of fake reviews from SBS’s friends, reports of people receiving solicitors letters from SBS, which was actually addressed and partially denied by Susie herself. Emily...
  2. S

    Styled By Susie #3 Silence by Susie, Patreon fail, she'll write it all up in the Daily Mail

    Well done to @mangomay for most liked thread title!! First time creating a thread - hope I’ve done it correctly!! 😬 RECAP *Susie is still on the missing link and maintaining her social media silence *SBS is still sticking to their guns on the removal of the Facebook Group *The new Facebook...
  3. Diagoras20

    Styled by Susie #2 please don’t sue, We tried to be kind now why can’t you

    Have I done it right? New thread here anyway! Mod edit: new facebook group is here
  4. H

    Styled By Susie and Susie Hasler

    Would someone start a thread for Susie Hasler at Styled By Susie? She has a business which claims to empower women with a styling service. Dodgy practices including promoting fast fashion, working with the daily mail, made up stories in the media...