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  1. CocoLoco2

    Sophie May Dickson #8 Chewing gum won’t hide the drugs you’ve done, damage to the girls is already done

    Winning title by @tigerlilly_xx - had to alter slightly to fit Sophs a little quiet at the moment, funds must be low
  2. Dipdab

    Sophie May Dickson #7 I catch flights, you catch feelings” no soph, you catch std’s…

    Off to Dubai again we suspect. Those poor girls dragged along to witness god knows what. 😫 continue ….
  3. Soflora

    Sophie May Dickson #5

    New thread.. Previous thread- Shes being quiet today
  4. Bonnie Bisou

    Sophie May Dickson #4

    If someone wants to add a title feel free As you were ladies and gents....
  5. Poppysmimi

    Sophie May Dickson #3

    Thread winner with the most votes was @Thetruth123 with “Sophie’s in Dubai pretending it’s summer ....the highlight has been Mr Wayne Fendi, the cool box drummer”
  6. Bonnie Bisou

    Sophie May Dickson #2 Breaking the law, even contactless is accepted by this bore

    Thanks to @Sozhun for the title Hope I’ve done this all correctly 🤞🏻 Mod thread title adjusted as they need to be at least Pg.
  7. B

    Sophie May Dickson #1

    Anyone on here follow Sophie May Dickson with her extravagant lifestyle funded by her sugar Daddy Jack and her two children Princess and Precious?
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