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  1. BlairWaldorf86

    Popsy Clothing Cult #6 Look at the state of that effing mole

    I mean, just look at it. Thread title proposed by EvilJigglypuff from a post by Fillyjonk 👏🏻 (sorry, had to censor the swearing) To recap, Popettes continue to wet their Underpops over cheap, shite quality toddler dresses in (very) large sizes. Gummy continues to overshare both her kids...
  2. P

    Popsy clothing cult #5 #Popsypetty

    To recap. There are dresses, there is oversharing, Red Bob has sex toys in her wardrobe. Gummy is losing the attention of even the Popsy faithful. Timwhateveryouwantotocallhim is playing with model trains. And Cherish is not as middle aged as we thought even though her lack of A'levels has...
  3. M

    Popsy clothing cult #4 Is it bad to want to see a screenshot?

    Carry on Poppettes. --- I'm rubbish at recaps, so I'll generously let one of you do it!
  4. EvilJigglypuff

    Popsy Clothing Cult #3 Popsy in the Wild!

    Continuation of discussion on the frankly fucking bizarre cult of Popsy dresses. Recap: the oversharers be oversharing! As you were…
  5. M

    Popsy clothing cult #2

    Keep underpopping oh nylon ones.
  6. Bumblebee

    Popsy clothing cult

    So after seeing people raving about popsy clothing I brought two dresses for work. They have pockets do fab as I hate carrying everything and wearing my keys on a lanyard. So much easier with pockets. The material is awful it’s so cheap and manmade and bobbles on the first wash. So I joined the...
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