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  1. Rosa34

    One Direction #7 Spaces between them

    Quick recap! •Harry’s on his break but was rumoured to be in the recording studio this week! • Niall’s tour starts in less than 2 weeks after not touring for almost 6 years! • Louis is still on tour and will be until the back end of the year. • Some horrible stories have come out about Zayn in...
  2. Rosa34

    One Direction #6 God Only Knows Where 1D Did Go

    Ok so quick recap: Harry: won 4 brits and 2 Grammys last month (mentioned the boys in his Brit speech), he is currently on tour in Australia and will be on tour til July. Niall: has just announced his new album “The Show” will be out June 9th, he is also a coach on the voice which is due to...
  3. Rosa34

    One Direction #5 Gotta get it out of my system

    So let’s have a quick recap: •Harry is still on tour, has just released a MV for music for a sushi restaurant, DWD and MP have both been released to mixed reviews. •Louis’s album is coming out November 11th, he has also just announced a new tour for next year. •Niall is going to be a judge on...
  4. Rosa34

    One Direction #4 You Know It’s Not The Same As It Was

    So.. quick recap: • Harry released Harry’s house which has done insanely well and is about to start his American tour and DWD and my policeman are set to come out in the next few months! •Louis has just finished up tour and is set to release his record sometime this year/early next year •Niall...
  5. Rosa34

    One Direction #3 Does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changes?

    Quick recap •Harry’s releasing an album (plus two films later in the year) and going on tour later this year •Louis on tour until July •Niall is recording his 3rd album •Liam is making nfts now it seems.. •zayn is nowhere to be seen •Lottie is pregnant I feel like that is about it at the moment.
  6. sleepflowers

    One Direction #2 It's been so long, it's been so long, maybe they're fireproof

    To discuss the 18 month hiatus that started in 2015
  7. G

    One direction

    A thread for gossip since it was derailing the general gossip thread!