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Personally, I think Niall is the only really authentic one post-1D. I just don't find harry authentic at all. Just totally manufactured and managed. Just like the 1D days, just in a different way.
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Louis is still with professional beard Eleanor and Harry is still pretending to go out with Olivia Wilde while they promote Don't Worry Darling :)

Opinions are all my own :)
You mean conspiracy theories? :ROFLMAO: "Professional beard" Don't you realise how utterly insane you sound? :ROFLMAO: No one is forcing Louis to be in a long term relationship with Eleanor or participate in his son's life. He has no label or management for that to even be a possibility. Syco is a completely defunct label. WHO are you implying is forcing him to continue a showmance with his girlfriend of nearly 10 years? If he was gay no one is stopping him from ending that so called 'fake' relationship and dropping his biological son even if he didn't want to come out. I'm sick and tired of people thinking their 'opinion' on someone's sexuality and private life to the extent of Larries is acceptable, when it's not. Every single one of their friends and family as well as Louis and Harry themselves have said how their friendship was ruined due to the conspiracy theories.
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