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  1. E

    Horrendous neighbours

    Hi, Bit stick as to who to ask without involving another solicitor but I can’t find another example of anything similar. My mother has lived in her house for a decade with no issues. Recently, someone moved in next door and is trying every trick in the book to extort money from her and other...
  2. GhostHoward

    Cheeky fucker neighbours?

    We live in large terraces, with a passageway between us and our neighbours. Theare currently doing up their garden and back of house (painting the back; new fence; garden studio; new patio, etc.) They were really good when we had our house renovated a few years ago. Signed the party wall act...
  3. S

    Odd Neighbours / Neighbour Problems #3

    Old thread Continue here with the trials and tribulations of your lovely (!) neighbours ...
  4. KawaiiSloth

    Neighbours stealing parcels

    I live in a small block of flats and ever since a dodgy couple moved in downstairs, parcels have been going missing, or broken into and left ripped open in the hallway. There is no cctv to prove who is stealing/messing with the parcels, but a few of us have an idea of who it is, as none of this...
  5. Em_

    Neighbours #3 Our Neighbours have come home!

    I never thought we'd have a new thread for our beloved neighbours. Neighbours announced on the 17th Novemebr 2022 that it was coming back. Neighbours will be on freevee in the UK from mid 2023 and Channel 10 in OZ. It's great news and the majority of us are happy that neighbours is back, roll on...
  6. Em_

    Neighbours #2 that’s when good tattlers become good friends

    Thanks to @FijiNour for the thread title. This is the final ever neighbours thread. I'm going to miss this soap, it's so much better than any UK soaps.
  7. SpeakingTheTruth


    I’ve looked and there isn’t a thread for this. Who else is getting sick of the Scarlett storyline atm?