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"Killing in the Name" is a protest song by American rock band Rage Against the Machine, featured on their self-titled debut album, and was released as the lead single from the album in November 1992.
Written about revolution against racism and authority abuse of power, "Killing in the Name" is widely recognized as the band's signature song, and has been noted for its distinctive guitar riffs and for the line "Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses."
In 1993, the song peaked at number 25 in the United Kingdom. In 2009, it became the Christmas number one; this was due to a campaign to prevent The X Factor winner's song from gaining the Christmas number one in the United Kingdom for a fifth successive year.

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  1. kelly123

    Names You Can’t Stand #9 Nevaeh is the patron saint of this thread.

    As you were….. @petitspois i used your recent comment as it was the most suitable with most likes
  2. WilmaHun

    Names You Can't Stand #8

  3. WilmaHun

    Names You Can't Stand #7

    Old thread here: I know of someone with a boy called Reggie Roger 😐
  4. Blue pumpkin

    Names You Can't Stand #6

    Old thread Trivia: Depending which site you look at, three sites list Olivia and Muhammed as the most popular baby names in 2021
  5. Blue pumpkin

    Names You Can't Stand #5

    Previous thread Away you go....
  6. Belulah

    Names You Can’t Stand #4 It’s heaven spelt backwards.

    I thought I would make a new one using our favourite catch phrase!
  7. Oohthedrama

    Names you can’t stand #3

    Nearly 2200 posts on... ya’ll still got more names to hate on 😂😂 knock yourselves out 😬
  8. Oohthedrama

    Names you can’t stand #2

    Wow you’re all vicious. but continue here I suppose 😂 unless you have a really shit name that’s been dragged on thread one, should there be a trigger warning for Meghan and Isla. As before, off you fuck Meghan and Isla, go sit with Angel and Janice