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  1. lauzyess

    Megan Ellaby #6 Apple Crumble must be in a bowl but George is tearing half NQ a new arsehole

    New thread. Winning title courtesy of @noooour
  2. B

    Megan Ellaby #5 pink tiara, rhinestone dress, oh so dreamy to be married to an alleged sex

    Thanks to @HinchythetwattyGrinchy for the title. Carry on, folks! Someone can provide a recap if they want?
  3. Moira Rose

    Megan Ellaby #4 Popped a sprog, gave it the name of a dog, fiance now looks like a hog

    @ceecee454 congrats on this hilarious title 👏👏👏
  4. HanB33

    Megan Ellaby #3 AKA Beg-an Ellaby. Full time chiller, addicted to filler

    @EllsBellsWells had to change it so it would include her actual name but hoorah new thread for Began! To sum up the previous thread; MORE people coming forward regarding Megan being an awful person and a bully. People coming forward regarding sexual harassment claims against George. Megan...
  5. HinchythetwattyGrinchy

    Megan Ellaby #2 Coke all week, not just Saturday

    New thread suggestion thanks to @Definitely Maybe with 28 likes!!! Someone needs to report the original Megan Ellaby thread in order to close that one down so nobody can post, however the report button isn’t showing on my phone? Can someone else try and do it? Thank you 😅
  6. Kat_Valentine

    Megan Ellaby

    Couldn’t find a thread on Megan so I made one. I used to really love her a while back, but had to unfollow as there’s something that irritates me a little bit about her. Thoughts...?
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