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  1. AngelBabes

    Luxefamily5 #9 All we see when she “travels” is her tits, nips and overfilled lips

    Well done to @Asparagus123 for the winning thread title! 🏆🙌🏻 Your post was #1 in ‘most liked posts’ so a double celebration for you beaut! 🫶🏻🤩🥂😘 Link to the previous thread beauts! 😘
  2. T

    Luxefamily5 #8 Old Rachy “works”, but her surgeon works harder 👍🏼

    Thanks to @coleywoley for new thread title!
  3. T

    Luxefamily5 #7 Sucks her fingers, flicks her hair, pouts like a fish and is always bare!

    @Mejustme for most liked thread! So she's leaving the pyramid scheme, well that's a surprise...NOT
  4. T

    Luxefamily5 #6 Never have I ever pretended to be in the Bahamas but am actually in Tesco Extra

    Thanks to @Disneyprincess2020 for most liked! :)
  5. B

    Luxefamily5 #6 Pretends to be abroad, we’ve all seen the porno, oh good lord!!

    Thank you to eenymeenyminymo for the title! Had to continue it on to say I have never seen someone not suit a fringe so much 😂😂 what the fuck is going on with that mop of a haircut.
  6. M

    Luxefamily5 #5 Her contents so boring we can’t even be bothered with a thread title

    Here's a new thread, title c/o @Asparagus123 with the most votes. Anyone got a good summary?
  7. L

    Luxefamily5 #4 “Collect memories not things”, whilst flashing Louboutins and diamond rings

    Thank you to @PinkFigs for thread title (shortened to fit) Summary: 1. Rachael loves to rant about UK handling of covid while being a hypocrite galavanting around London and the globe. 2. Anything she says can be assumed to be a lie 3. Aspen may or may not have chicken pox (see point 2) 4...
  8. A

    LuxeFamily #3 The baby slipped out early like a bar of soap getting big she couldn’t cope

    Luxefamily #3 The baby slipped out early like a bar of soap her tummy was getting bigger she couldn’t cope Adjusted the title to fit I feel as important as Racheal cresting a new thread with my own Suggestion 🥰😱 It did have the most votes honestly 😬 Re-cap The baby Aspen has arrived/slipped...
  9. F

    Luxefamily5 #2 From Playboy bunny to fake plastic mummy

    Thanks @Asparagus123 for the title 🤣 The rant about people in London today was ridiculous seeing as she gets a nanny in that she isn’t technically allowed and goes for picnics and touches potentially infected surfaces.
  10. F


    They have been the best of friends since before either of them got any fame. I noticed they hadn’t commented on each other’s posts in a while and then yesterday Luisa said on her podcast that she hates the word ‘livid’ because some knobber says it too much. LF5 was the first person that came to...