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  1. Camelandchicken1

    Lifewiththeaustins #6 Deans no more,Megs still a bore, dressed like a 40 year old on crack.

    Thread no 6 for _megan.mason_ and _dean.austin_ (who is looking 🔥) formerly life_with_the_austins and dad_life_with_the_austins Previous thread here thread title by @InspectorGadget99 👏 I had to shorten it and amend slightly in line with rules, original winning title: Lifewiththeaustins #6...
  2. Camelandchicken1

    Lifewiththeaustins #5 Egg and Bean may have split, what a shame they’re still thick as brown

    New thread for _megan.austin_ and _dean.austin_ previously known as life_with_the_austins and dad_life_with_the_austins, thank you for the thread title @Motherhen24 have had to edit in line with tattle guidance the original title is ‘Egg&Bean may have split, what a shame they’re still thick as...
  3. Camelandchicken1

    LifeWithTheAustins #4 Bean&Egg always beg, lives a sham, exploiting kids for the gram

    New thread, thank you to @Dairyleadunker for the thread title suggestion, I’ve had to shorten it but here’s the original: ‘Thread title suggestion: Bean & egg always on the beg, their lives are a sham, won’t stop exploiting their kids for some freebies on the gram.’ This is my first ever...
  4. Idontknowwhoiam

    LifeWithTheAustins #3 Pancake bits and blackout fits. Gifted car? They’ve gone too far

    Thanks @Camelandchicken1 for the thread title (I had to change it slightly as it was too long.. and ‘tits’ has been changed to ‘bits’ by admin) Recap - Dean claims the drugs stop him working because of blackouts yet they can still drive round and receive a gifted car from Nissan (shame on them)...
  5. Idontknowwhoiam

    LifeWithTheAustins #2 Meg the egg who likes to beg

    Thanks to @Boymomma for the thread title I’ve never created a new thread before so I hope I did it right 🙈
  6. Wtf2505

    Life with the austins

    We all know by now that she loves breastfeeding but WHY so many posts of her with her tit out feeding the baby? I like a lot of things but I don't repeatedly video myself doing them 😑