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  1. O

    Laura Whitmore #5 Hamster cheeks, pic of Steve’s feet, at events 6 nights a week

    Thanks @MuthaCuppa for the thread title
  2. calmyourritas

    Laura Whitmore #4 Get yer one off the telly!

    Thread title by @ohjaysus Can someone do a recap of the shitshow please? šŸ˜
  3. Traazers

    Laura Whitmore #3 As dry as a crisp sandwich on brown bread with no butter

    Congrats to @dothprotesttoomuch and @TriviaNewtonJohn for the title and respective nomination As you were! PS, yummy
  4. Oohthedrama

    Laura Whitmore #2 Stevie’s mom, has not got it going on!

    Yawn, dose of a woman gets a second thread, a title suggested by @sn00ps !! continue here!
  5. Dirty Joan

    Laura Whitmore

    Laura Whitmore is nauseating. Sheā€™s now whinging about being followed by the paps at a ā€œdistressingā€ time when yesterday she was posting Insta stories of her dancing shoes, dancing to music and taking selfies. another self serving attention seeker
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