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  1. Anti_Beggy_Mitchells

    Kirsty Matthews #11 Kirsty remains AWOL. Bully crew are still a bunch of sad, twisted waffles. SLM&WLM ✌

    Thank you @KrustyTheClown and @Wibblywoo for the amazing title. Thank you @Kimbean for the beautiful, elegant Cuntwaffle terminology! Recap (with the help of @Wibblywoo And @Kimbean) Troy- Has shown he is a racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, repulsive, sickening, concerning...
  2. Anti_Beggy_Mitchells

    Kirsty Matthews #10 Still in hiding, so Troy, Mazza, Lottie, Kat, Billy and the cling ons have stepped up!

    Title was a group effort! Thanks everyone 😀 Recap- Not much has changed. Kirsty still in hiding Misty and Chloe have both been live to explain their side of things. Been quiet from them since that happened. The usual suspects are still around fighting for leader of the pack status! Tattlers...
  3. Anti_Beggy_Mitchells

    Kirsty Matthews #9 Kirstys crew coming out as snakes, wonder who’s next to take a break?

    Thank you for the great title @exposedtomatos Recap- ● Kirsty hasn't returned on her main account but is still there lurking! ● Misty went live to answer everyone's questions but wouldn't answer the main ones ● According to Misty, Chloe did some MI5 stuff and hacked her account 🤦‍♀️Yet she...
  4. Anti_Beggy_Mitchells

    Kirsty Matthews #8 Misty is snake, Krusty is taking a break

    Thank you @Hann98 for another amazing title. Wow! It's been a couple of eventful days! ● Lisa showed proof that Misty/Cindy/Cupcake is a two faced snake. ● The Krusty crew tried to divert the attention off them and put all blame on to Misty ● Lisa and Tattlers joined forces to show everyone...
  5. Anti_Beggy_Mitchells

    Kirsty Matthews #7 Krusty's on a blocking spree, let’s set that dog of hers free

    Thank you @Hann98 for the title! Welcome to thread 7! WE DO NOT SUPPORT LUCY OR BRYAN ROSE!!! This thread also covers those in Kirsty's Circle (Scooby Gang!)
  6. Anti_Beggy_Mitchells

    Kirsty Matthews #6 Crusty crew clams up as the Tattlers open up

    Thank you @GlitterFairySparkle for the title. Just to sum up for future people from outside sources popping in. We aren't a L&B thread, you need to take that else where. We are against crusty bullying people with zero evidence. She has spun a false narrative and unfortunately fooled a lot...
  7. Anti_Beggy_Mitchells

    Kirsty Matthews #5 Snakes and more Snakes

    5th thread for Kirsty. Not a lot has changed. Some snakes are coming out!
  8. Anti_Beggy_Mitchells

    Kirsty Matthews #4 Crusty Cave and her Scooby Gang

    Thanks for the title - @Imhereapparently28 and for putting it together @Bluepop Not much has changed except Tattle is really starting to get to them all!
  9. Anti_Beggy_Mitchells

    Kirsty Matthews #3 So rattled because her begs and lies have been tattled

    Thank you @Imhereapparently28 Recap wise not alot has changed. The thread has become more noticed. Kirsty and her mouldy gang don't like it. She's stressed people are sending likes in her live
  10. Anti_Beggy_Mitchells

    Kirsty Matthews #2 That Tattoo is so embarrassingly bad, being called out on Tattle has her cult going mad!

    Thank you @My2pWorth for the tittle. Recap Kirsty has mouldy willayyy tattooed on her She still continues to bully for gifts and clout Misty mega gob has come in on the action Chloe still remains Kirsty's loyal lap dog Simba seems to be going lone wolf with his vile words Facebook group...
  11. Hann98

    Mouldywilllaaayyyykirsty - Kirsty Mathews

    New thread for Kirsty. Keep it active so it doesn’t get locked.