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  1. longtimelurker86

    Keeping Kate #7 The Von Jaffs

    Title courtesy of @Wowwwwwwwww! 👏🏻👏🏻 The one with the most likes was actually from December 2021 but I felt it wasn’t totally relevant now she’d had baby Geoff and also the suggestion was 6 months old 😂. (“Keeping Kate up the duff, nobody needs a break more than her muff). 🙃🙃
  2. AdApathy

    KeepingKate #6 Breastfeeding isn’t a personality trait.

    Well done to @Wowwwwwwwww for the thread title. If anyone fancies doing a recap of the world's most boring Instagram account, feel free!
  3. C

    KeepingKate #5 Begging for help so the baby naps, still running despite a prolapse

    Congratulations, @Youarewelcome on creating a brilliant thread suggestion with 33 likes. Previous threads: Round up of thread #4. - Kate is still breaking lockdown rules despite lockdown. - Kate is continuing to run and do more damage to her despite...
  4. conrea37

    KeepingKate #4 forever comparing Dave and Alan and buying juice by the gallon

    Thread title by @Pinky from pinky & brain with 41 votes Previous threads
  5. OliviaPope

    Keeping Kate #3 - 54 yoghurts a week for Kate & Dave, bright orange foundation & shopping haul slave

    Thread suggestion @Isanythingrealanymore
  6. Hatshepsut

    Keeping Kate #2 A milking maid and diet-bore, the orange face you can’t ignore!

    Thanks to @ChubClubThug for the new title with the most likes.
  7. Noname123

    Keeping Kate

    Does anybody else follow Keeping Kate? Sometimes I think she is alright and then other times I think she acts like a bit of a spoilt brat. Her life looks picture perfect but she seems like one of those people who always manages to find something to moan about such as her and her husband...
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