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  1. H

    Keelin Moncrieff #5 wannabe trailer trash, pretending she's strapped for cash, always giving baby daddy a bash

    Here's the new thread, credits to @hdhshh67 for the title ;) Anyone got it in them to do a recap or just happy to continue on?
  2. H

    Keelin Moncrieff #4 Working class adjacent starting rumours for engagement, some1 free Jason from the basement

    Here we are guys, long overdue :) Thanks to @professional_athlete for the thread name suggestion. I had to edit it a bit to fit! Apologies if there were other suggestions that I haven't seen.
  3. Natterbox80

    Keelin Moncrieff #3

    Setting up new thread if anyone wants to do a recap.
  4. H

    Keelin Moncrieff #2

    Here we are then guys šŸ˜Š second thread!
  5. Sunflowerrose

    Keelin Moncrieff (Keemon)

    Started as not to derail another thread- can someone please give a bit of a background?