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  1. martaS

    Katie Snooks #14 Low iron might make her sick, her “pick me” attitude gives us the ick

    Title suggestion courtesy of @Buntu ❤ A lot has happened since the start of this thread. - Katie had a haircut that made her mane look like a "jaundiced penis" (in @squatternutbosh's words). - Had a rare moment of self-reflection but still hasn't done anything about the quality of her vlogs...
  2. martaS

    Katie Snooks #13 for her money may be tight, but a £900 meal will make it alright

    New thread for my fellow Snookertons - title suggestion by a thread regular @squatternutbosh - commemorating the fancy under-the-sea meal Katie and G-sus* had in the Maldives, which unfortunately wasn't to Madam's liking. She also didn't think it weird to be raving about how you get to eat you...
  3. martaS

    Katie Snooks #12 Fragrance fanatic, poses dramatic, thank God for aff links or she’d be in the attic

    Anyone cares to give a gorgeous little recap of K&G's latest shenanigans? Thanks for the excellent title suggestion are going to @Inghamtat, and for edits to @Swipeupyouguys & @AvaKnight (the original suggestion was a touch too long). Original suggestion: Katie Snooks #12 Fragrance fanatic...
  4. martaS

    Katie Snooks #11 "Fashion" influencer, clown core. Home inspo is a WW2 bomb shelter.

    Title suggestion courtesy of @squatternutbosh ❤️ May I suggest that an admin changes the category Katie's in. She's definitely not a guru 😅
  5. NoImSpartacus

    Katie Snooks #10 Boozy brunches, wine filled lunches & cock tails in a old urinal with ma HUSBAND

    Thanks @Swipeupyouguys for the title! Who wants to recap?
  6. MistyWindows

    Katie Snooks #9 Welcome to the Wedding of Katie Snooks featuring Geoffrey the Lentil. Enjoy the feast, Peasants!

    Happy Monday to you all! This is my first ever *little* thread so if I’ve messed it up please let me know and I’ll have a Redbull to settle my nerves, maybe a little cry into it too. Thread suggestion by @RachyWoo! So it happened, Katie of the Kathleen of Snooks is now wed to Geoffrey Lentil of...
  7. martaS

    Katie Snooks #8 Here comes the bride, hottie bottie at her side! “Here’s your sad olives & cheap Aldi wine!”

    Hi Guys. Welcome to a new weekly, I mean new thread. The winning title courtesy of @squatternutbosh - Katie Snooks #8: here comes the bride, hot water bottle by her side, let’s feast on sad olives and cheap Aldi wine! - was too long so I went @MistyWindowsedit :) No TLDR this time but I have a...
  8. martaS

    Katie Snooks #7 Will Kathleen taxidermy her channel when it is dead?

    Title with most likes by Dwightschrute: " Katie Snooks #7 Will she taxidermy her channel when it’s dead? " I took the liberty of swapping she for Kathleen because we all love using her full name. Overview of the last thread: - she eats like a 200-pound rugby player, drinks like a sailor and...
  9. martaS

    Katie Snooks #6 Kathleen snooks, why oh why are you like this?

    Guuuyz 🤪 It took a bit of work to get through the most like posts but I believe this title suggestion has had the most likes - thanks @Kindred_ https://tattle.life/threads/katie-snooks-5-cheese-meat-booze-cake-back-to-a-e-with-a-tummy-ache.21283/post-6096014 I might add a little TLDR...
  10. Babybail93

    Katie snooks #5 Cheese, meat, booze and cake! Back to A&E with a tummy ache

    We have a joint effort thread this time from the lovely @Kindred_ & @Tom_Nook Thread number 5! Just in time to fill up with her bombshell calling us nasty trolls out on her latest YT vid! Hi Kath! 😘
  11. martaS

    Katie Snooks #4 Brunch obsessed, house's a mess but still won't declutter the wedding dress

    Hey guys, welcome to the new thread. Title by Tom_Nook but with input from @Kindred @Swipeupyouguys @squatternutbosh @Colorofleaves 💕 💕 💕 I don't even think we need a recap when we have Dwightschrute's excellent Katie bingo. And yes, for those who didn't know, her name is actually Kathleen.
  12. martaS

    Katie Snooks #3 Dr Bore-eece will see u now

    Suggestion by @unt Bessie: Katie Snooks #3 Dr Bore-eece Will See You Now Added the coochie twinge because it was too good not to. Hopefully won't get censored!
  13. Kindred_

    Katie Snooks #2 Kathleen's still talking about her bowler hat whilst G's swinging the da cat

    Thank you @Lunamoon22 for the thread title! I had to shorten it slightly to fit in. Kathleens thread really picked up some speed recently, proof that she’s being extra irritating. Can anyone provide a weekend roundup? oops I mean thread recap!!!
  14. S

    Katie Snooks

    Apologies if there’s already a post on Katie but what does everyone think of her?