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  1. anotherpaidpartnership

    Just Jess #5 Here comes Boujee Baby number 1, featuring maternity shoots with a pushed out tum.

    Wow thread #5 already! Thread title thanks to @imunemployedanditsfriday Summary: Acting like she's the first woman to be pregnant, Still posts 754929377483 photos per day of her pushed out bump to make sure everyone knows, Still violating food safety protocols, Still making food and drinks...
  2. HelloFreshDiscountCode

    Just Jess #4 BJ bit off more than she can chew, down the loo goes the new HQ

    Thread title named by @relatableboujeebiarch ❤️ Your prize is a frozen 3 day old cream filled donut that has been repurposed multiple times into various babyish named products and still hasn’t sold. Snaps for you, girl 🫰🫰🫰
  3. WatermelonSugar22

    Just Jess #3 Be careful what you wish for "Just Jess", the staff have resigned leaving her with the mess!

    Title credit @shh77 Had to adjust it slightly so it would fit, hope that's ok! Previous thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/just-jess-2-boujee-jess-dont-you-know-im-the-face-of-my-brand-sells-donuts-covered-in-dog-hair-san.39375/ Recap: - only seems to own two pieces of pink clothing that...
  4. kiwigal258

    Just Jess #2 Boujee Jess, Don’t you know I’M the face of MY BRAND, sells donuts covered in dog hair & san

    Just Jess Boujee Bakery, cares more about taking selfies than she does about food hygiene or attention to detail.
  5. D

    Just Jess boujee in name only, beige in all else

    One stop shop for your screenshots for council reports (especially the dogs in the kitchen and car she uses to transport food to her other store) summarize away beautiful friends