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  1. Webster1357

    Jesy Nelson #6 Brought zero talent to the table and then got dropped by her label

    HI all, new thread! Thanks to @littlemissgiggles for the winning title Old thread here: Carry on!
  2. RJF

    Jesy Nelson #5 She's lost the support of the nation, due to cultural appropriation

    Messy Jesy strikes again!
  3. RJF

    Jesy Nelson #4 Her claim to black culture is invalid, will song 2 be a weepy ballad?

    You are Beautiful, no matter what they say…
  4. S

    Jesy Nelson #3 Not concerned about a black life, unless of course it's a crapist wife

    Thank you to @Gorbs for this winning title lmao edited slightly to fit, also edited by the moderators me thinks But OG title was: JESY NELSON MANDELA #3- not concerned about a black life, unless ofcourse it’s a rapists wife anyone wanna do a recap of the shitstorm our favourite biracial...
  5. Damocles

    Jesy Nelson #2 Is she back or white? Either way her song is sh..

    Thanks to me for the winning thread title with 70+ votes. previous thread here Quick recap... after what seems like forever, she finally released her debut solo song "Boyz". It isn't very good, infact Its safe to say its...
  6. Sogdhitalley

    Jesy Nelson (Ex Little Mix Member)

    Since she's no longer a member of Little Mix and is bringing her own material out, I thought she could do with her own thread, so here it is.